Feeling Groovy Room Decorating Kit 10pc

SKU: 536893
Our Feeling Groovy Room Decorating Kit will blow your mind! This set of room decorations contains everything you need to inject flower power into any room, from floor to ceiling. Rainbow tie-dye 3D centerpieces promote the message of peace at a table setting. The large sign and cardstock cutouts, including a rainbow tie-dye T-shirt, make your walls, doors and windows totally far out! Top off your groovy party décor with a garland of foil and cardstock peace signs and rainbow tie-dye fan decorations on the ceiling and door frames. With our groovy room decorating kit, your '60s-themed party will be one psychedelic trip!

Feeling Groovy Room Decorating Kit includes:

  • 1 Garland, 10ft
  • 2 Table centerpieces, 10in
  • 2 Paper fan decorations, 12in
  • 1 Sign, 14in
  • 4 Cutouts, 10in