Fairytale Slime

5.29oz Net Wt.  |  SKU: 766506
Surprise slime! What will you get?
Make your little one's fairytale birthday party a gooey one with this Fairytale Slime! This slime comes in light pink, light purple, or teal and the color you receive is a surprise. The light pink slime has colorful sprinkles in it and comes in a Princess Slop package. The light purple slime has shiny glitter in it and comes in a Unicorn Poo Putty package that also includes a noise tube. The teal slime has shiny glitter, tiny shells, and tiny fish in it and it comes in a Magical Mush package. Send the kids off with this slime in their favor bags and your child's birthday will have the perfect fairytale ending!

Fairytale Slime product details:

  • 3 colors: light pink, light purple, or teal
  • Color chosen randomly at time of shipping
  • 5.29oz net weight