Dr. Seuss Cutouts 33ct

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Display our Dr. Seuss Cutouts and you're off to great places! This set of vibrant bulletin board cutouts features 12 classic Dr. Seuss book covers and prints of the Dr. Seuss's most memorable characters, including Horton, the Cat in the Hat, the fox in sox, and Yertle the Turtle. Cute and colorful classroom decorations, these fun decorations get your young readers in the mood for imagination and storytime!

Dr Seuss. Cutouts product details:

  • 12 Book covers, each 6in x 8 1/4in
  • 21 Die-cut illustrations
  • Green eggs and ham, 4 1/4in x 4in
    Hat, 3 1/8in x 3 3/4in
    Fish, 4 1/2in x 3 1/4in
    Pup in cup, 4in x 4 1/4in
    Balloon, 2 3/8in x 4 3/8in
    Green star, 3 3/4in x 4 1/2in
    Wickersham, 3 3/4in x 4in
    Yellow Truffula Tree, 3 3/4in x 3 1/8in
    Baby elephant-bird, 4 1/4in x 3 1/4in
    Blue socks, 5in x 2 3/4in
    Yertle the Turtle, 4in x 4in
    Circus balloons, 2 5/8in x 4 3/8in
    Blue fish, 5in x 3 1/4in
    Boy on circus prop, 3 1/4iin x 6in
    Joey with Green Eggs and Ham, 5 3/4in x 6 3/4in
    Lorax, 2 3/4in x 3 1/2in
    Cat in the Hat, 5in x 6 1/4in
    Horton, 6in x 6 1/4in
    Sneetch, 4 3/4in x 5 1/2in
    Fox in Sox, 5 3/4in x 4 1/2in
    Pop's kids, 4 1/4in x 5 1/2in