Double Roll Raffle Tickets 1000ct

Double Roll Raffle Tickets 1000ct  |  SKU: 259558
Price: $11.99
Keep track of raffle ticket sales at fairs, picnics, dances, and more. This giant roll of raffle tickets offers 1,000 sequentially numbered double-tier tickets, so that you retain one tear-off ticket, and the purchaser holds the other portion to redeem for prizes. The stub that you retain also helps you manage attendance. Package contains 1,000 Double Roll Raffle Tickets.

Double Roll Raffle Tickets product details:

  • 1,000 double tickets per roll
  • Tickets are sequentially numbered
  • For managing attendance and raffles

Note:Tickets are printed on yellow, green, pink, or white paper. As we have no control over color options, our warehouse will choose your color for you. Color cannot be requested or guaranteed.