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Dora the Explorer Invitations 8ct

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Come, vamanos! Everybody, let's go! Round up all the little explorers for your birthday adventure with our Dora the Explorer Invitations. These cutout, postcard-style invitations feature a waving Dora on the front side and a fill-in form for the RSVP details on the reverse side. Stuff the invitations into their envelopes along with handy save the date stickers for guests to use when marking their calendars. The finishing touch is the included seal stickers.

Dora the Explorer Invitations include:

  • 8 Invitations, 6 1/4in x 4 1/4in
  • 8 Blue envelopes, 6 3/4in x 4 3/4in
  • 8 Seal Stickers, 1 1/4in diameter
  • 8 Save the date stickers, 1 1/4in