Creepy Carnival Toilet Seat Grabber

13in Plastic Seat Grabber  |  SKU: 535805
Price: $4.99
When Nature calls, put her on hold! You won't want to go when you see this Creepy Clown Toilet Seat Grabber on your toilet seat cover. It features a print of a bug-eyed skeletal clown with red hair and covered with blood, appearing to draw itself out of the toilet bowl. It clings to the toilet lid, but you can use it virtually anywhere — the mirror, the shower wall or even the back of the bathroom door — to scare all those who dare to enter your home! This decal sticks safely to most smooth surfaces and removes easily. Our Creepy Clown Toilet Seat Grabber measures 12in wide x 11in long and comes with bonus dripping blood decals for the toilet tank.