Colorful Chain Necklace

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You'll feel connected to outrageous fashion in our Colorful Chain Necklace. This vibrant necklace features 8 connected plastic chains that are all different sizes, colors and styles, ranging from pink beads and blue and purple ribbons to green and pink chains of various widths. Colorful Chain Necklace opens and closes with a simple hook clasp.

just OK


this necklace is just OK but inexpensive enough that I do not regret the purchase. could accessorize with any other colorful costume jewelry


Perfect Necklace for that 80's Look!!


Bought this to go with my daughter's 80's costume she was dying to wear for Halloween The colors worked perfectly with the outfit and I loved it only had one clasp to hook so she could actually fasten it herself. It held up being worn all day and through the evening so the quality seems to be pretty good for costume jewelry. It wasn't expensive and she really liked it so a win win for me!!



Colorful Chain Necklace

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