Chocolate Brown Lollipop Kit 24ct

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Price: $9.99
Dream away on the good ship lollipop! Celebrate your special event by handing out personalized swirled candy lollipops to your guests! Chocolate Brown Lollipop Kit is the perfect tool for creating sweet favors. Lollipop kit features 24 brown and white lollipops with a sweet flavor, white satin ribbons, and pre-printed stickers that say "Thank You" in brown script surrounded by a white polka dot brown border. Also included are 24 blank, printable stickers for printing your own personalized labels using a template at! Lollipops have a 1 1/2in diameter. Instructions for printing are included.

Chocolate Brown Lollipop Kit includes:

  • 24 Lollipops
  • 24 Thank You stickers
  • 24 Printable stickers
  • 2 Test sheets
  • 24 Ribbons