LED Balloon Lights 12ct

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Price: $9.99
Part technology, part magic! For a softly glowing airborne display, place these LED Balloon Lights inside latex or translucent foil balloons before filling them with helium or air. Transform ordinary balloon bouquets into radiant plumes for weddings and outdoor parties. The Balloon Lights fit in the neck of the balloon, anchored by a heavy elastic ring. A looped end holds your curling ribbon. Once everything's in place and the balloon is inflated, twist the Balloon Lights at the base. They burn for up to 8 hours, remaining cool to the touch. Replace the batteries, and you can use the lights time and again. Package contains 12 LED mini lights.

LED Balloon Lights include:

  • 12 white LED balloon lights, 1.5in L each
  • 12 replaceable L736H batteries
  • 12 heavy elastic rings
  • Instructions for use

WARNING: Not a toy. Not for children under 6 years. Adult supervision required.