Burgundy Color City Wearables and Accessories

What color you gonna be this Halloween? Paint an exciting picture with our assortment of Burgundy Color City Wearables and Accessories! Choose from this diverse selection of burgundy hats, wigs, legwear and more to accentuate your costume or create a color specific character all your own. Mix and match with our other Color City Wearables and Accessories for an even more palette-able look! Every tint and hue is welcome here in Color City, where a kaleidoscope of fun fashion awaits!
Hats & Hair Accessories
Burgundy Tinsel Wig
SKU: 468727
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Burgundy Construction Hat
SKU: 468788
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Burgundy Sequined Jester Hat
SKU: 468704
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Tall Burgundy Top Hat
SKU: 468606
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Burgundy Wristband & Headband Set 3pc
SKU: 485755
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Now: $1.99
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Burgundy Rally Stix
SKU: 488131
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Large Air Horn
SKU: 468591
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