Boys Headless Boy Costume

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Price: $24.99
Do people say you've lost your head? Well there it is in the palm of your hand, to the utter amazement of all. So how does Headless Boy Costume work? A plastic harness with bloody neckpiece rests on your shoulders; you drape the long black robe over it and poke your noggin through a hole in the front. Grab your chin with one hand and a blood-stained prop with the other to complete the ghastly effect. P.S. — Before you rampage about in this Headless Boy Costume, give Mom a "heads up" so she's not caught off guard. Otherwise, she may not get the joke.

Boys Headless Boy Costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Harness
  • Attached neck

Not for children under 6 years.