Blushing Bride Jumbo Bridal Shower Invitations 8ct

SKU: 317273
A unique invitation for a traditional girl! Our Blushing Bride Jumbo Bridal Shower Invitation features a unique fold-out design. Lift the white and pink swirled wedding dress with a "Please Join Us" headline at the bottom hem and fun rhinestone and mesh embellishments, and reveal a pink and green 3-tiered wedding cake topped with bells. Lift the wedding cake to reveal a fill-in area for party details against an aqua, floral print background with butterflies and a bridal bouquet. Lines on bridal shower invitation say "For", "Date", "Time", "Place" and "RSVP". Bridal Shower Invitations measure 8in x 6in folded and each package includes 8 large invitations with large silver envelopes.