Blue & Green Colored Flame Candles 12ct

2 1/4in Wax Candles  |  SKU: 662865
Say goodbye to boring flames! Add a little color to your cake with Blue & Green Colored Flame Candles. The blue candles feature a blue flame, and the green candles have a matching green flame. Plus, each candle comes with a plastic holder that not only protects your cake from wax drips, but also makes it super easy to decorate. These colorful flame candles burn for up to eight minutes, so you can use them on birthday cakes for years to come!

Blue & Green Colored Flame Candles product details:

  • 12 per package
  • 6 each of 2 colors: blue and green
  • 2 1/4in tall
  • Wax
  • Include candle holders
  • Non-toxic
  • Water soluble