Blue Glitter Communion Printable Invitations 12ct

SKU: 466052
Blessings on this First Holy Communion! Invite everyone to share in the joy with Blue Glitter Communion Printable Invitations. Featuring a solid blue border, our Printable Invitations have symbolic wheat and grape illustrations in the corners. Glitter Eucharist cutout icons with peel-and-stick foam backs are included to complete each invitation after printing. Package includes printing instructions on the back. Printable invitations measure 8 1/2in x 5 1/2in; glitter icons are each 1 1/2in tall.

Blue Glitter Communion Printable Invitations include:

  • 12 Printable invitations
  • 12 glitter Eucharist stick-on icons
  • 12 Blue envelopes