Beach Swirl Decorations 12ct

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Price: $4.99
Who says the day at the beach has to ever end? Bring the sunshine and sandcastles right into your home with our Beach Swirl Decoration Value Pack. Available in vibrant colors, each ceiling streamer features cutouts of all the things—like flip flops and the sun—that remind you of a sandy walk along the beach. Perfect for your next summertime party, these beach-themed decorations help turn any room in your home into a day of fun in the sun. Since each beach-themed cutout comes attached with foil streamers, these lightweight party accessories can be hung from the ceiling, along the window, or in the hallway for a totally beachin' party.

Beach Swirl Decorations includes:

  • 3 foil swirl decorations, 7in
  • 3 foil swirl decorations, 5 in