Bamboo Table Torch

12in Bamboo Torch  |  SKU: 44618
Price: $5.99
Light up your summer nights! Our Bamboo Table Torch offers up to 10 hours of romantic and reliable illumination for your luau theme party. Made from split natural bamboo and tied with bamboo lashing, this small bamboo torch hides a replaceable votive candle within its Tiki design. A wide base gives it stability, and a deep metal candle holder shields the flame from buffeting breezes. Bamboo Table Torch stands 12in tall with a 5in diameter base.

Bamboo Table Torch includes:

  • Bamboo torch, 12in H x 5in W at base
  • Wax candle in metal cup

Note: Metal cup candle holder gets hot with use. Pease use care with ignited candle around small children.