Digital Dudz Christmas Sweaters - Animated!

Animated Ugly Christmas Sweaters

How beautiful is it to be ugly? When it comes to the ugly Christmas sweater contest at the office, the tackier you look, the better your chances of winning. Our animated ugly Christmas sweaters offer a great starting point for your corny holiday outfit; simply download a free app to your phone, slip the phone into a display pocket, and the sweatshirt comes alive with seasonal cheer! Matching novelty Santa hats, Christmas tree glasses, and striped elf socks complete the picture with accessories every bit as eye-catching as the sweatshirts themselves. So get dressed, all you fans of cheesy sweaters, goofy hats, and gaudy eyewear — the party's about to begin!
Costumes & Accessories
Red Plush Santa Hat
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Christmas Tree Hat
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Snowman Black Top Hat
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Red & Green Striped Socks
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Christmas Tree Glasses
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Striped Elf Socks
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