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Adult Mummy Morphsuit

SKU: P464050  |  Costume #1873
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Life is more fun mummified! Our Mummy Morphsuit for adults features classic gauze wrap detail with strategic blood spatter and is made of thin, breathable stretchy spandex that covers your entire body including hands, face and feet. Morphsuits are designed to allow easy breathing, drinking and visibility with a special double zipper for quick access in and out. Premium Mummy Morphsuit is spot clean only and durable for re-use year round. Arise into yours today!

Size recommendation: If you are smaller than 5'4" choose Medium. If you are less than 5'10" but taller than 5'4" choose Large. If you are less than 6'3" but taller than 5'10" choose XLarge. If you are very, very tall (taller than 6'3") choose XXLarge.

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