Adult Joker's Wild Skeleton Costume

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There's nothing humerus about our extremely eerie Joker's Wild Skeleton Costume! Featuring a stuffed jester headpiece, a bronze, brown and black checkered tunic with puff sleeves, matching pants, and a highly detailed latex skull mask with attached elastic to hold it in place, this costume is the bone-chilling look you need. Top it off with long fingered gloves, a self-tie belt and two oversized playing cards. With this getup, you hold the trump card for best costume at the Halloween party!

Adult Joker's Wild Skeleton Costume includes:

  • Headpiece
  • Mask
  • Tunic
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Gloves
  • 2 Playing cards



Costume shirt fits well if you are skinny, but if U have any type of muscles in the chest, I would advised to continue searching. I have to wear a black shirt under the outer costume as the button does not close otherwise. This costume is good for slim people, not muscular. Wearing the mask quickly has you sweating heavily.


Cool But Disappointing


The first costume had a runner in the pants. The second one looked fine until we got it home and noticed the mask had cracks/tears. The elastic band that holds the mask on the face came loose on one side. Rather than take it back I sewed it back down. Once it was tried on the other side unraveled immediately so I had to sew that too. If the store had been closer I would have returned it. I just hope those dime sized splits in the mask don't worsen Halloween night. This is a one time wear costume because of the quality of the mask, and the delicacy of the fabric the costume is made of. It's a really cool costume and my son loves it, but for $39.99 I expected the quality to be a little bit better.



Adult Joker's Wild Skeleton Costume

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