Adult Facelift Monster Morphsuit

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You're a meaty, post-op mess in a Facelift Monster Morphsuit! This fleshy morphsuit is printed to look like sickly skin, frightful faces, and marred muscle all stitched together. This stretchy spandex morphsuit covers you from the top of your head down to your toes. Breathing, drinking, and visibility are a cinch thanks to the double zipper for quick access in and out. Just pull on the Facelift Monster Morphsuit with an attached mask-hood-combo, zip it up, and you're the terrifying life of the party!

Adult Facelift Monster Morphsuit includes:

  • Spandex one-piece
  • Attached double zipper

Hand wash cold, line dry.

Size recommendation: If you are shorter than 5'4" choose Medium. If you are under 5'10" but taller than 5'4" choose Large. If you are under 6'3" but taller than 5'10" choose XLarge. If you are over 6'3" choose XXLarge.