Adult D. Ranged Clown Costume

Costume #1924  |  SKU: P536923
Customer Reviews:
Is this the portrait of a good clown gone bad? There's an upside to the downside of a clown's life: No more screaming kids at parties, and no more shoes five times too big. D. Ranged Clown Costume prepares you for life after the circus, and features a smudged velour ringmaster jacket with oversized buttons down the front. Helping to complete the picture are attached lilac bow tie and wilted corsage, and "tattered" striped gray trousers that cover your lower half. But the crowning glory of this grumpy clown character is a full over-the-head mask with painted features, attached orange hair, and a permanent expression of disgust. An undersized yellow fabric hat makes it all look cheerier, ever so slightly.

Adult D. Ranged Clown Costume includes:

  • Hat
  • Mask with hair
  • Jacket
  • Attached vest
  • Pants

Customer Reviews