Animated Freddy Krueger Sweater - Nightmare on Elm Street

SKU: 542726
Price: $89.99
Inspire nightmares in trick-or-treaters with this Chest of Souls Sweater! Our Animated Freddy Krueger Sweater features Freddy's signature red and black striped design with tattered hem and sleeves. This Nightmare on Elm Street sweater includes an exposed abdomen with grotesque, fleshy faces that actually move and groan in the scarred skin tissue. This battery-powered, truly terrifying Freddy Krueger Sweater includes realistic weeping audio and a battery pack hidden in a small pocket inside the sweater so no one will know the secret to your creepy look. This one size, stretchy Animated Freddy Krueger Sweater fits most teens and adults up to men's size XXL/Plus. Batteries sold separately.

Officially licensed Nightmare on Elm Street™ product.