Toy Story Fondant Cake How-to

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Here's how to create the fondant cake featured in our Boys Birthday Cake Ideas Gallery.


  • A frosted cake
  • White fondant
  • Blue fondant
  • Red fondant
  • Purple fondant
  • Icing colors in green and yellow
  • Edible food marker
  • Candy eyeballs


  • Fondant roller
  • Toothpick
  • X-Acto knife
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Toy Story and star candles

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  1. Take your ball of white fondant and knead it until it's soft. Remove a chunk and reserve. Roll out and smooth the white fondant over the cake and trim off excess with an X-Acto knife.

  2. Take the reserved white fondant and use a toothpick to dot yellow and green icing color onto it. Knead until the color is evenly distributed and the ball is lime green. Repeat, adding more green or yellow as necessary, to get desired shade and roll out into a sheet.

  3. Roll out your blue, red and purple fondant and cut out the decorative shapes for the components of Buzz's green belt. You can freehand if you feel comfortable or do some sketches first and cut the fondant with a paring or X-Acto knife to the shapes. Use the star cookie cutter to cut out stars from the fondant.

  4. Dab the fondant shapes you've cut out with water and attach to cake.

  5. Use an edible food marker to draw the Star Command symbol onto the white fondant.

  6. For the alien, roll some green fondant into a small ball and pop on three candy eyeballs.

  7. Finish by decorating the top with Toy Story and star candles!