Too-Cute-To-Spook Balloon Pumpkin How-To

Isn't this DIY Balloon Pumpkin gourd-geous? Featured in our Boo-tiful & Bewitching Halloween DIY Decorating Ideas Gallery, it's just the thing for a colorful kid-friendly mantel, or put a few on your front porch to WOW your trick-or-treaters.

All you need is a large round balloon and a handful of green and orange animal balloons. Whether you plant this fun decoration inside or out, it'll give your Halloween decor a great pop of color! Time to get pumped with some Halloween crafty-ness!

Just follow the 12 steps below.

What You'll Need

  • Jumbo round balloons
  • Orange and green animal balloons
  • Balloon pump (optional)
  • Orange curling ribbon
  • Balloon weight

*Items available at Party City stores.

Step 1: Inflate 6 Balloons

The first step to creating your balloon pumpkin is making a balloon "cage." Start by inflating six orange animal balloons, leaving a 6-inch "tail" on each, and tie them off at the ends. A balloon pump makes this step easy and fast!

Step 2: Tie Together Pairs

Next, tie the knotted ends of two animal balloons together. Repeat this with the remaining four balloons. When you're done, you'll have three pairs of balloons.

Step 3: Do the Twist!

Twist the knotted centers of the three pairs of balloons together to "lock" them in place. Make sure give them a few twists so that they don't come undone!

Step 4: Form the Cage

To form your balloon cage, simply bring the tails together, keeping one hand on the bottom of the cage. It's okay if the balloons move around – you can fix them later.

Step 5: Tie the Tails Together

Tie the tails together in a knot and your cage is complete. The animal balloons look like the ridges of a real pumpkin!

Step 6: "Grow" Your Pumpkin

Now that you have the cage, it's time to fill it up with a big round pumpkin! Take your round orange balloon and inflate it inside of the cage until it fits snugly against the outer balloons. A balloon pump comes in handy here!

Step 7: It's Looking Adora-boo!

It's looking like a magical, giant pumpkin! Tying the inner balloon to the balloon cage keeps it in place. Loop the end of the round balloon around one of the tails and tie it off.

Step 8: Perfect the Pumpkin

Turn the pumpkin over so that the knotted ends are on the top. Adjust the balloon cage around the inner balloon so that each crease is spaced out evenly. Doesn't it look like a real pumpkin?

Step 9: "Leaf" It Be

Flip your pumpkin over so that the knotted side is on the bottom. Now your gourd-geous pumpkin needs a leaf and stem. Inflate a green animal balloon and leave a 6-inch tail, just like you did with the orange balloons. Fold one-third of the green balloon down – this is your leaf.

Step 10: Tie Off the Leaf

Then, twist the tail around the balloon to secure your leaf. The remaining two-thirds of the balloon is the stem of your pumpkin!

Step 11: The Finishing Touch

Use the remaining tail to secure the leaf and stem around the top of the balloon pumpkin, looping it and twisting it around the knotted ends of the pumpkin. Looks fab!

Step 12: Keep Them Grounded

Ta-da! Your balloon pumpkin is complete! Tip: Keep your pumpkin from rolling away by securing it to a balloon weight with matching curling ribbon. Make a patch of magical pumpkins and your Halloween pictures will be a scream!