Rainbow Balloon Arch How-To

Make any party more magical with a rainbow balloon arch!

Whether you're a master crafter or a balloon novice, constructing this balloon masterpiece is within reach of any skillset! All you need are balloons in the colors of the rainbow, a couple helium tanks, balloon weights and curling ribbon.

See the balloon arch in action in our My Little Pony Party Ideas Guide! Read on for step-by-step photo instructions.

Just follow the 11 steps below.

What You'll Need

  • 16 pink balloons
  • 16 orange balloons
  • 16 yellow balloons
  • 16 green balloons
  • 16 blue balloons
  • 16 purple balloons
  • 4 helium tanks
  • 6 balloon weights
  • Purple curling ribbon
  • Scissors

Step 1: Inflate Balloons

Begin by inflating your first balloon. For a 12-foot arch, you'll need 96 balloons that will be inflated and tied together to form clusters of four balloons each. You can buy your own tanks, or have your balloons filled at your local Party City store.

Step 2: Tie 2 Balloons Together

Inflate a second balloon and tie it onto the first to make a pair.

Step 3: Tie Pairs Together

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to make a second pair of balloons. Now join the two pairs of balloons in the center – twisting their centers around each other – to form a cluster of four balloons. Make sure the balloons in each layer are uniform in size so all the sections of the arch will look even.

Step 4: Tie It to a Balloon Weight

Cut a long strand of ribbon (approximately 48in) and tie one end to a balloon weight. Tie the other end around the center of the balloon cluster you just made. You'll be adding three more clusters underneath this top layer so make sure to leave enough room underneath.

Step 5: Make More Clusters!

Make three more clusters of balloons in the same color. Nestle each cluster underneath the first balloon cluster you made.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 - 5

Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have six groups of balloon clusters in your chosen colors.

Step 7: Start Making a Column!

Arrange your groups in the order you will want them in the arch. Choose the first color you want in the color sequence – this will be one end of the balloon arch. Take the next color group and cut off the balloon weight, then tie it to the top of the first balloon group.

Step 8: Attach Another Group!

Attach the next group of balloons you want in the color sequence to the top of the balloon column you've made. You might need a stepstool!

Step 9: Make Another Column!

Repeat steps 7 and 8 to the other three groups of balloons to make a second column.

Step 10: Connect the Columns!

Bend the two columns toward each other until they meet and make an arch formation. Tie the tops of the columns together.

Step 11: Show It Off!

Arrange the arch where everyone can admire your handiwork. Outside or inside, this balloon arch will brighten any space it occupies – on the lawn, in front of the door or over a favors table!