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You can also create this party with any pro sports team that your child loves!

New York Yankees Party Invitation Ideas

New York Yankees Party Invitation Ideas
It's game time! Don't strike out when it comes to getting the team together to celebrate. Our New York Yankees party invitation ideas will give you all you need to send out winning invitations to your birthday.
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Welcome guests to the big leagues with custom invitations

A true Yankees fan is always ready to root for his team – so send out New York Yankees Custom Invites to put your party guests in a New York state of mind. You can add a message like: "Let's play ball! Join us to celebrate Parker's birthday!" Party City will print out your invitations and ship them to you in just five days. For some extra star power, sprinkle some Blue Star Confetti into the envelope.

Keep it casual with fill-in invites

You can make your party worthly of champions by sending out New York Yankees Invitations. These jersey-shaped invites have room to fill in the important details while still impressing your party guests. Don't forget to add a little Blue Star Confetti in each envelope.

Hand-deliver your invites with a New York favor

If you're hand-delivering your New York Yankees Invitations, then add on a favor that will be a big hit. Tie on a New York Yankees Kooky Pen with Royal Blue Curling Ribbon to the corner of each invitation. This pre-party favor will get your guests ready for the game even before your party begins.

New York Yankees Thank You Note Ideas for a Championship Ending

Personalize it with Yankees custom thank you notes

Don't cause an uproar from the crowd – make a good play and thank your party guests for all the fun you had with them. Send out personalized New York Yankees Custom Thank You Notes and add a message like: "Thanks for making my birthday a hit!" It's easy when you order your thank you notes along with your custom invitations. Add Blue Star Confetti into your envelopes to show your friends that you think they're all-stars!

Picture-perfect thank you notes

The Yankees are used to posing for their team photos or in snapshots for fans. Send out picture mementos of each guest posing with the birthday boy in your New York Yankees Thank You Notes. Add some Blue Star Confetti into the envelopes and they're ready to go!

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New York Yankees Party Game & Activity Ideas

New York Yankees Party Game & Activity Ideas
Batter up! Take a swing at these great New York Yankees game and activity ideas. Bring the excitement of the ballpark right to your party with ideas that are sure to make your party a blast!
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Step up to bat with a Yankees pinata

Baseball players have to be good at playing the field and batting – so have your little guys step up to the plate and play pinata the New York way! Start with a New York Yankees Pinata and fill it with all sorts of goodies that ballplayers will cheer for. Use favors like colorful Large Kazoos, Sports Whistles and Yo Yos. Make sure to also add Blue Bead Necklaces, New York Yankees Kooky Pens, Smiley Pencil Sharpeners and something sweet like Kiddie Mix Candy or Super Bubble Gum. Let each player take turns wearing a Blindfold and pulling strings to open the pinata – or trying to break the pinata open with a Pinata Bat. Be sure to give everyone a New York Yankees Loot Bag to collect all their prizes.

Sport some face paint

Have the little sluggers get involved in face painting. Start by giving each boy New York Yankees Eye Blacks to put under their eyes and if they aren't satisfied, help them add some more designs to their faces with Blue Face Paint.

Set up a carnival ball toss

If your guests are wanting to warm up their pitching arms, then why not set up a carnival ball toss for them to practice. Use the MLB Inflatable Ball Toss and let the boys take turns playing. Make sure to cheer on all your teammates when they are up.

Award your team's MVP

After all the games are finished, it's time to give the winners great prizes that are sure to hit a grand slam with your guests. Give out Yankees 2011 Team Cards, a New York Yankees Paddle Ball and a New York Yankees Clapper. Other great choices like a New York Yankees Soft Ball and Bat can be found at some Party City stores. Whichever prizes you choose, you're sure to cause extra excitement!

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New York Yankees Party Favor Ideas

New York Yankees Party Favor Ideas
Step up to the plate! You're sure to be a homerun hitter when you give out great favors at your party. Our New York Yankees party favor ideas will show you three cool ways to give out unique favors that are as unique as the birthday boy.
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Fill Yankees cups with New York flair and favors

Here's a great way to make favors in plastic New York Yankees Cups. Start by lining each cup with Blue Metallic Crinkle Shred, then fill it with favors like a colorful Kazoo, Sports Whistle, New York Yankees Disc Shooter and a couple of New York Yankees Pencils. Slip each cup inside a Clear Party Bag and tie it closed with Red Curling Ribbon.

Create favors from unique containers

When the Yankees are on the road during their season, they like to get gifts that remind them of New York. Give your little sluggers original favors from Party City. For a New York Yankees party, we like Favor Balls, Plastic Buckets and Folding Favor Boxes in coordinating colors.

Bag up their favors

It's super-easy to put together a set of New York Yankees favors for any fan in these New York Yankees Loot Bags. Add in favors fit for the ballpark like a Kazoo, Sports Whistle, New York Yankees Disc Shooter, Notepad and crazy Kooky Pen. You're sure to win MVP when your guests get their bags full of baseball treasures.

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New York Yankees Party Decoration Ideas

New York Yankees Party Decoration Ideas
Take it out to the ballpark! Your guests will cheer when they see your party room set like a true fan club. Our New York Yankees party decoration ideas will create a scene from the baseball field with a color scheme of royal blue, red and white.
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Decorate your party room like a New York Yankees baseball diamond

When the New York Yankees step up to bat at their home field, they always have cheering fans holding banners and wearing smiles. You can re-create the baseball field at your party. Start by hanging a New York Yankees Custom Banner, along with a New York Yankees Pennant Banner and MLB Dangling Cutouts. To add some dugout flair hang a New York Yankees Street Sign above the birthday boy's chair. To complete this look, check out our table decoration and balloon ideas below.

Set a cheerful party table

Add a touch of the New York Yankees flair to your party table.

Knock one out of the park with a balloon bouquet

Have a ball planning great balloon decorations for your party. Create a soaring five-piece balloon bouquet by mixing a New York Yankees Jersey Foil Balloon with two New York Yankees Baseball Balloons and two Blue Star Foil Balloons. Also for more high-flying fun, use Solid Color Balloons to embellish your party room. You'll need helium, so pick up a tank at your nearest Party City store or order a Helium Tank that fills up to 50 balloons.

New York Yankees Party Dress-Up Ideas

New York Yankees Party Dress-Up Ideas
Team spirit! Your little slugger will love showing his team pride when he dresses like his favorite baseball player. Our New York Yankees costume and dress-up ideas give great options for your birthday boy and all of his teammates.
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Let him dress in a special uniform

A team jersey is a baseball player's main outfit when he is on the field. Let your little guy dress like his favorite Yankee. You can pick him up an authentic New York Yankees jersey at your local sporting goods store. You can also give him a soft New York Yankees Baseball Bat, which is available in some Party City stores. He will feel just like it's his turn to stet up to the plate on his big game day.

Pick Yankees accessories that are sure to score

If your birthday boy already has his own outfit picked out for his party, you can dress him in Yankees accessories that will have him feeling like a regular Babe Ruth. Give him a New York Yankees Favor Cap and New York Yankees Award Ribbon. You can also give him a soft New York Yankees Baseball Bat, which is available in some your nearest Party City stores. He'll be ready to play ball!

Give his teammates baseball accessories

Shake your teammates spirits up when you pass out great accessories for them to sport at your party. Hand out New York Yankees Favor Caps and New York Yankees Sport Glasses. Also, give them New York Yankees Baseball Bats that can be found at some Party City stores. There will be no errors when your guests are dressed to impress.

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New York Yankees Party Food Ideas

New York Yankees Party Food Ideas
Impress the fans! Hats off to these New York Yankees party food ideas! These party food ideas will show you great ways to make a baseball-themed meal, cakes and more. With so many great treats, your party guests will be ready to play ball!
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Hats off to a New York Yankees cake

You can root for the home team when you make a New York Yankees cake for your birthday boy's party. Start by making his favorite type of cake in the New York Yankees Cake Pan. Decorate your cake New York style with the Wilton Basic Decorating Kit. Add MLB Molded Candles to your cake for the birthday boy and serve on New York Yankees Plates. Place out Napkins for messes.

Make a cake fit for champions

Make your party ball-out-of-control when you make this baseball cake. Start by baking the birthday boy's favorite type of cake in two Round Cake Pans. Decorate the cake with baseball stitches with the Wilton Basic Decorating Kit. Serve your masterpiece on New York Yankees Plates with Napkins.

Bring ballpark food to your party

Take your party guests out to the ball game with original ballpark foods. Make delicious hot dogs with all the fixings and nachos that will satisfy any ballplayer's hunger. Serve food on MLB Round Platters and give each team member a New York Yankees Square Lunch Plate. The boys will gobble their food as fast as you can say, "Play ball!"

Fix a drink and snack table that your fans will love

The ballpark wouldn't be the same without the game, the cheering fans – and the food! Present a drink and snack table for your party guests that they will cheer for. First, set out a Royal Blue Table Cover. Buy your favorite beverages and display them in a New York Yankees Metal Pail or in New York Yankees Bottle Jerseys. Keep Cups around to serve drinks in. Lay out some Cracker Jacks® and an MLB Party Bowl filled with peanuts.