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Football Party Ideas!

Football Party Ideas!

Your little guy loves watching football, so give him a day full of action! Our Football party ideas will help you come up with party plays that will make for a winning party.

Football Party Invitation Ideas

Football Party Invitation Ideas
Kick off some fun! A kick off starts a football game, but you'll need invitations to kick off your football party fun. Our Football Party invitation ideas will help you send out creative and easy invites that the whole team will love.
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Call a party huddle with custom All Star Football invitations!

A football party is all about gridiron fun and games and your invitations can help set the mood. Order some All Star Football Custom Invitations. Add a special message about the birthday boy, like "Touchdown! Come do a victory dance to celebrate Corey's 7th birthday!" Party City will print your invitations and ship them out within five days. Include a pinch of Football Confetti in each envelope and seal them with Football Stickers.

Add sporty tattoos to your football party invitations

Diehard football fans love wearing team jerseys or even painting their faces with the team colors to show their spirit. Let your football birthday party guests get into the spirit early by adding a Football Tattoo to each Football Fan Invitation. Slip in a pinch of Football Confetti for some extra excitement and seal the envelope with a Football Sticker.

Tie a football favor onto hand-delivered invites

Here's a great way to share a pre-party favor with your football fans. Punch a hole in the corner of each Football Fan Invitation and use Festive Green Curling Ribbon to tie on a Football Whistle. Your little guests will love blowing the whistle for violations and time-outs leading up to the party!

All Star Football Thank You Note Ideas for a Thrilling Ending!

Say thank you with custom All Star Football notes

Just order your All Star Football Custom Thank You Notes at the same time as your custom invitations and they'll be shipped out in five days. Put the birthday boy's name on the front; inside there's room for him to write a note about each gift. Add a pinch of Football Confetti to each note and finish them off with Football Stickers.

Make your thank you notes into picture-perfect mementos

Instant replays are always used in football when referees have to make a close call. Photos are a great way to help your party guests do their own instant replay of your birthday party. During the party, take photos of each child playing with the guest of honor or posing with the Football Photo Prop or the Football Player Photo Cut Out. Include the shots in your Football Fan Thank You Notes. Be sure to slip a pinch of Football Confetti and seal each note with a Football Sticker.

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Football Party Game & Acitivity Ideas

Football Party Game & Acitivity Ideas
Game on! During a football game, all eyes are on the gridiron action! Make sure your Football Party is packed with exciting party games like pinata and flag football so the action never stops. Our party game ideas make planning as easy as kicking a field goal.
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Everybody wins with a trophy pinata game!

The pinata is a classic birthday party game – here's how to give it a football party twist. Choose a themed pinata like a Trophy Pinata or a Football Pinata. Then fill it with favors the boys will love like Multi Sports Super Mega Mix Favor Value Pack, Football Bounce Balls, Football Yo-Yos, Whistles, Kaleidoscope Keychains and Kiddie Mix Candy. Hand the first player a Pinata Bat and make sure he's wearing the Pinata Blindfold. Give each child a Football Party Bag to make sure nobody's off-sides when the favors start falling.

Get them going with a game of flag football!

Take the party action outside and let the team let off some steam with a game of flag football. The Flag Football Kit makes it easy. It comes with essentials like cones, belts and colored flags – plus goodies like wristbands and yo-yos for eight players.

Kick off a football favor bar!

Professional football coaches get to pick their new players each year from the best college players in the NFL draft. Your party guests will love picking their own set of party favors at a football favor bar. Set out a Black Lazy Susan Tray, then fill the compartments with favors like Football Bracelets, Football Favor Balls, Tattoos, Football Bounce Balls, Yo-Yos, Football Cake Toppers and Whistles. Make sure each child has a Loot Bag and then let them make their picks.

Score a party touchdown with cool prizes!

After the game clock winds down on four quarters of fun, it's time to reward the winners with some great prizes they'll be proud to take home. Your guests will love the Soft Football, Giant Hand Clapper, Air Foam Football, Football Water Bottle or Jumbo Trophy.

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Football Party Favor Ideas

Football Party Favor Ideas
Touchdown! At the end of an exciting football birthday party, send guests home with favors that say thanks for joining the fun. These football party favor ideas will make everyone feel like they're the party's MVP.
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Make their cups overflow with football goodies

Here's a cute and easy way to make a favor set in our Football Print Cup. Line the cup with Lime Green Crinkle Paper Shred. Then top it off with favors like Football Bounce Balls, Sports Notepads, Football Pencils, Erasers and Kiddie Mix Candy. Slip each cup inside a Clear Party Bag and tie the top closed with Royal Blue Curling Ribbon.

Pack up football favors in creative containers

It's always fun bringing home souvenirs from the big game, and your party guests will be thrilled to take home football-themed party favors in unique containers.

Hide football surprises in themed loot bags

Your party guests will love taking home some fun football-themed favors – especially when they're in a Football Party Bag. Line the bag with Lime Green Crinkle Paper Shred, then top it with favors like Football Whistles, Yo-Yos, Favor Footballs and Kiddie Mix Candy. Tie the top of the bag with Royal Blue Curling Ribbon so none of the goodies fall out!

Finish on time with a favor value pack

If it feels like it's fourth down and you've still got lots of party prep to do, here's a way to save time on putting party favors together. Pick up a Football Favor Value Pack and divide the favors into eight See how easy that was?

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Football Party Decoration Ideas

Football Party Decoration Ideas
Football fanatics! Before a football game, the groundskeepers cut the grass, repaint the white lines and make sure the field looks perfect. Our Football Party decoration ideas will inspire you to give your house the exciting look of a stadium full of diehard football fans.
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Prep your party room with gridiron gear

Give your party room a football stadium feel with decorations that help bring some action to the party. Hang up a Football Letter Banner. Twirl together Brown Streamers and White Streamers to hang across the room along with the banner. Decorate the ceiling with Football Swirl Hanging Decorations. Add some fun with the Football Player Photo Cut Out or the Football Photo Prop. To complete this look, check out our table decorating and balloon ideas below!

Set a table filled with favors football fans will love!

A day at a football party is all about eating casual stadium tailgating favorites like hamburgers, sodas and chips. Here's how to fill your table with some football favors the guys will love.

Make your football party take off with sporty balloons

Football stadiums are always filled with bright colors and thrilling sights. Add some brightly colored balloons to your football party decorations by making a bouquet out of balloons. Start with a couple Football Foil Balloons, then add a Birthday Streamer Jumbo Balloon and a Green Foil Circle Balloon. Tie them all off with Curling Ribbon. You'll need helium to make your balloons take off; pick up a helium tank from your nearest Party City store or inflate them at home with a Helium Tank Kit.

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Football Party Dress-Up Ideas

Football Party Dress-Up Ideas
Suit up! It's a football party, so everyone will want to hit the field in their best gridiron gear. Out Football party costume and dress-up ideas make it easy for you to share simple costume accessories that will make everyone feel like they're part of the team.
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Let your birthday boy dress like a quarterback for the day!

If your birthday boy is having a football birthday party, he probably owns a jersey from his Pop Warner or favorite professional football team. Have him put on a jersey for the party and pair it with Sporty Sunglasses and a Football Whistle.

Choose football-friendly accessories for your special guest of honor!

Whether your birthday boy owns a football jersey or not, he can still add some special touches to his outfit. Pick up a Happy Birthday to Me Award Ribbon and a Football Whistle to make him feel like the top draft pick at the party.

Get your guests in on the football party dress-up action!

Get your party guests into the mood with some gridiron gear! In the "locker room," hand out Football Hats, Sporty Sunglasses, Football Whistles and Football Bracelets.

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Football Party Food Ideas

Football Party Food Ideas
Chow down! After all the football party games and play, your team is sure to work up some linebacker-sized appetites. Cook up a menu of tailgating favorites sure to satisfy – our food ideas show you how!
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Bake up a football field cake

Bring some sweet football action to your party by baking up a cake that looks just like a football field. Let the birthday boy pick his favorite flavor of cake, then bake two layers in a Rectangular Aluminum Cake Pan. Let the cakes cool and then assemble the two-layer cake. Tint your frosting green, then frost the cake and add lines with the Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Set. Add the goal posts and players from the Football Cake Decorations. Add the right number of Football Birthday Candles for the birthday boy. Serve your cake with Football Dessert Plates, matching Beverage Napkins and Kiwi Green Forks.

Serve up some tailgating treats

Depending on how your team is playing, sometimes tailgating and enjoying favorite foods in the parking lot can be the best part of a trip to the football stadium. For your football party, make a tasty menu of tailgate favorites like grilled hamburgers, potato salad, fresh fruit salad and barbecue potato chips. Let everyone dress their own burger with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and cheese served in a Football-Shaped Platter. Set out Football Fan Plates, matching Lunch Napkins and Kiwi Green Forks.

Crack open some cold drinks

Your football fans will be thirsty from running around at your party, but they won't want to miss any of the action either. Serve easy grab-and-go drinks like water, sports drinks and natural sodas in a Football Bowl filled with ice. Have lots of Football Print Cups and Beverage Napkins so everyone can serve themselves.