Hello Kitty Frosted Cake How-To

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Just adding candy makes any cake more cute and colorful…and it's easy! If you love this darling Hello Kitty cake, dig into our Girls Birthday Cake Ideas Guide for more ways to use candy on cakes!


  • Two 10" cake rounds
  • White decorating icing
  • Rose icing color
  • Pink icing tube
  • Gumballs in Caribbean blue, bright pink, kiwi green and orange (about 10 of each color)
  • Sixlets® in above colors (about 20 of each)
  • Hello Kitty icing decorations


  • Hello Kitty candles
  • Colorful spiral birthday candles
  • 12" cardboard platter

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  1. Hello, decorating fun! First step: mix pink icing color into white decorator icing until well blended.

  2. Place the first cake layer on cake board and ice the top. Place the second cake layer on top of the first, then ice top and sides of both cakes.

  3. Candy cake = yummy + cute! To adhere some colorful large gumballs to the base of the cake, use a bit of pink icing (you'll need about 10 gumballs in each color).

  4. Press Sixlets® around the top edge of the cake (you'll need about 20 Sixlets® in each color).

  5. To attach the Hello Kitty icing decorations, apply a bit of pink icing to the backs and press the decorations gently around the middle of the cake.

  6. Top it off with Hello Kitty and spiral candles for a super-fun cake that will be adorable in your party pics!