Gumball Pearl Candy Necklaces How-To

Here's a sweet idea for a bridal shower: Get the girls together for a candy *crafternoon* making these DIY candy necklaces from our Robin's Egg Blue Bridal Shower Candy Buffet Ideas Gallery.

They're almost pretty enough for the bridesmaids to wear, but we designed them to be a candy-coated decoration for the candy buffet!

Our fun and easy how-to shows you how to make them: by piercing holes in pearly white gumballs, stringing them onto pretty grosgrain ribbon, and adding paper flowers made from damask-print and robin's egg blue napkins so they match the party perfectly! Read on for all the deets!

Just follow the 13 steps below.

What You'll Need

  • Pearl white gumballs
  • Damask-print napkins
  • Robin's egg blue napkins
  • Robin's egg blue ribbon
  • Silver glitter twigs
  • Thumbtack
  • Doll needle*
  • Thread
  • Scissors

*Available at crafts stores.

Step 1: Pierce Gumballs

Turn pearly white gumballs into gorgeous beads! To make a hole that goes straight through, first gently pierce each side of a gumball with a thumbtack.

Step 2: Make Larger Holes

Once you have the small starter holes, use a doll needle to gently push straight through the gumball, creating holes large enough to feed the ribbon through.

Step 3: Add the Pearls!

Cut a 24-inch piece of polka dot ribbon. Use the doll needle to thread the ribbon and string on five of the gumballs. Next, you'll be making the adorable little paper flower!

Step 4: Cut Damask Napkin

Time to make the flower decoration from damask-print and robin's egg blue napkins. First, trim the damask-print section off of an Always and Forever pattern beverage napkin.

Step 5: Fold & Cut Circles

Fold the napkin section over twice. Cut along the folded edge so that you have six layers of napkin. Trim around the edge to make six 2-inch damask-print circles.

Step 6: Fold Each Circle

Here comes the fun part! Fold each circle twice to create the look of flower petals. (These are starting to look super-cute!)

Step 7: Make Blue Petals

Trim the ridged edges off of a robin's egg blue dinner napkin. Fold over twice.

Step 8: Cut Out Circles

Trim around the edge to make six 4-inch circles.

Step 9: Sew the Petals

Using a needle and thread, sew together your damask flowers into a tight bunch.

Step 10: Add a Pop of Color!

Make a stack of three Robin's Egg blue circles and sew the damask flower bunch to it. So pretty!

Step 11: Add the Flower!

Sew on the paper flower, leaving about an inch of space to show it off. Finish your creation by stringing on two more pearly gumballs. Knot together the ribbon ends. Ta-da!

Step 12: Love It!

Your work of art is complete! Make six to ten of these candy necklaces for the best impact. The bride will fall in love with them!

Step 13: Display Ideas

Candy necklaces look amazing on glittery branches perched in a container of colored wedding sand. You can dangle them on the chair backs, or nestle one at each person's place setting. We ♥ yummy (eye) candy that does double duty as a sweet party favor! (Special thanks to Jamielyn Nye of I Heart Nap Time for sharing her inspiration.)