Glitzy Girl Party Ideas!

Glitzy Girl Party Ideas!

Your birthday girl's always glamming it up in the spotlight, so put together her birthday party with our fashionable Glitzy Girl party ideas guide.

Glitzy Girl Party Invitation Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Invitation Ideas
Time to go glam! A girl needs her friends around to shine, especially on her birthday. Bring her favorite fashionistas together with our Glitzy Girl party invitation ideas. These ideas will add star power to your invites and get the girls ready to make a grand entrance.
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Announce her diva day in style with custom invites

Girls love to make a statement – so why not let your birthday girl send a sparkling surprise to her friends? Dress up your Glitzy Girl Custom Invitations with a message that shouts glamour. Add a saying like: "Come strut your stuff at Bella's fashion show party!" Party City will ship your invites to you within five days. Sprinkle a little Confetti inside each envelope and seal with a matching Sticker.

Give guests the VIP treatment with a party pass tattoo

A true girl of glam always gets the VIP treatment. Show your fashionistas how important they are to you by giving out Glitzy Girl Tattoos in your fill-in Glitzy Girl Invitations. They will put the girls in party mode even before your big event. Write a note telling your guests that they'll need to flash their access pass as they enter your party.

Hand-deliver your invites with a stylin' favor

Your little diva's guests wouldn't be caught dead arriving at the party with anything less than the hottest accessories – so help them out. If you're hand-delivering your Glitzy Girl Invitations, use Bright Pink Curling Ribbon to tie a Glitzy Girl Attitude Ring to each one. With sassy sayings like "Diva" and "Princess," these cute rings are guaranteed to get your guests ready for some girly fun!

Glitzy Girl Thank You Note Ideas for a Shimmering Ending

Dazzle guests with personalized Glitzy Girl custom thank you notes

Manners are always in style. Let your diva express her gratitude with Glitzy Girl Custom Thank You Notes. Add a note like: "Thanks, doll!" Just order them along with your custom invitations and Party City will ship them out within five days. Finish each note with a bit of Glitzy Girl Confetti and a matching Sticker on the envelope.

Add photos for more fashionable thank you notes

It wouldn't be a fashion show without lots of pictures of the girls dressed up in their party attire. Send out your Glitzy Girl Custom Thank You Notes and include a party memory by slipping in a picture of the birthday girl with each guest, add with a pinch of Confetti. Seal the envelope with a Glitzy Girl Sticker for extra glam.

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Glitzy Girl Party Game & Activity Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Game & Activity Ideas
Diva-licious! Light up everyone’s inner diva with these Glitzy Girl party game ideas. Fashion stations, pinata and freeze dance are all easy, creative ways to make your little glamour girl's party shine.
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Party girls unite with a pinata

A fashionista's dream will come true when you choose a Glitzy Girl Purse Pinata or a Platform Shoe Pinata. Start by filling your pinata with surprises that are sure to delight your guests like Glitzy Girl Erasers, Lip Gloss, adorable Snap Clips, Yo Yos, Attitude Rings and bright Pencil Sharpeners. Make sure to add something sweet like Kiddie Mix Candy, Kiddie Carnival Mix or Now & Laters. Use a Blindfold and keep a Pinata Bat handy. Don't forget to give each girl a Glitzy Girl Loot Bag to collect all her loot.

Play the Glitzy Girl Party Game

Put the glam on the girl with the Glitzy Girl Party Game, which is a fashionable spin on the classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this version, guests take turns trying to put a cell phone on Glitzy Girl's hand. Cover the girls' eyes with the included purple blindfold and watch the fun.

Be fabulous with a fashion station

Get your girlies all dolled up with a diva fashion station. They will shimmer and shine when they pile on the glitter with fun accessories and makeup. Start with a Clear Tray and fill it with popular items like Body Glitter, girly Nail Polish, Hair Clips, Lip Gloss, spunky Attitude Rings, shimmering rings from the Girl Fun Value Pack and sparkling Orbit Necklaces. Make sure to have some Glitzy Girl Loot Bags around so that the girls can collect their glamorous goodies.

Let your diva dolls show their best moves

Divas love to have all eyes on them – so why not make sure your birthday girl and her guests get to practice their fancy footwork with a game of freeze dance? Make space in the center of a room and get the girls out on the "dance floor." Station an adult by the stereo with the Glitzy Girl Birthday Party Music CD. When the music begins, invite all the little divas to dance freestyle. When it stops, everyone freezes in place! The last girl to stop dancing is out. Repeat until only the winner is left!

Give prizes that sparkle and shine

When the games are over, it's time to award the top divas with supreme prizes. Give out prizes that are sure to glimmer and glisten. Some top-notch choices include a Glitzy Girl Metal Box, artsy Pearls & Charms Craft Kit, Glitzy Girl Tiara, Sequin Scrunchie Pack and gleaming Light Up Diamond Ring. Whichever prizes you choose, the girls are sure to be thrilled.

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Glitzy Girl Party Favor Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Favor Ideas
Glam it up! Dazzle your party guests with these great Glitzy Girl party favor ideas. You're sure to add a twinkle to every young diva's eyes with shimmering favors and fun favor containers.
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Make favors in reusable Glitzy Girl Cups

Glitzy Girls shine – and so do these reusable party cups when you use them as a favor container. Start with a Glitzy Girl Party Cup and line it with Pink Crinkle Paper Shred. Then add goodies galore like a Bounce Ball, Glitzy Girl Notepad, Eraser, Sharpener, Orbit Necklace and a few Glitzy Girl Pencils. Slip everything into a Clear Party Bag and tie with Bright Pink Curling Ribbon. This favor idea will keep guests remembering your fashion girl's party long after it's over.

Add a touch of glitz with unique favors

Divas have their own unique style – so why shouldn't your party favors be just as unique? Start with girly favor containers found only at Party City like our Favor Balls, Favor Buckets and Folding Favor Containers in coordinating colors.

Pack a purse full of favors

The fun doesn't stop when your glam fest is over. Give out fashionable Glitzy Girl Favor Purses filled with delightful favors like Glitzy Girl Erasers, Sharpeners, Mini Pens, Yo Yos, Glitzy Girl Attitude Rings, Lip Glosses and shiny Orbit Necklaces. These favors will have the divas ready for the next fashion frenzy!

Razzle-dazzle them with a favor value pack

A Glitzy Girl is always busy with staying on top of the latest trends. If you are too busy and run out of time, don't worry! Try the Glitzy Girl Favor Value Pack that includes enough sparkly favors for up to eight guests. Just slip everything inside a Glitzy Girl Loot Bag and you're ready to go!

Glitzy Girl Party Decoration Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Decoration Ideas
Put on the glitz! Sparkly party decorations set the stage for a perfect party room. Take a look at these Glitzy Girl party decoration ideas to get all the little divas wearing flashy smiles right when they walk into your party room.
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Twinkle up your party room

What would a fashion show be without glitzy girls? Create a picture-perfect scene with shimmer and shine. Start by hanging up a Rock Star Room Roll with Sticky Tack, which won't leave marks on the walls. Then add a dazzling Glitzy Girl Custom Banner, Streamers and Dangling Cutouts. Place a Feather Boa on the birthday girl's chair so she can take center stage. To complete this look, check out our table decoration and balloon ideas below.

Set a flashy party table

Pile on the glitter to your Glitzy Girl party table.

Balloons make your decorations take off

When a glitzy girl has all of her accessories, her star power shines – and the same goes with your party decorations. Create your own five-piece balloon bouquet by mixing the Glitzy Girl Purse Shape Balloon with two Glitzy Girl Birthday Balloons and two Silver Star Balloons. Add star power to your decorations with some extra Solid Color Balloons. You'll need helium, so pick up a tank at your nearest Party City store or order a Helium Tank that fills up to 50 balloons.

Glitzy Girl Party Dress-Up Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Dress-Up Ideas
Dressed to impress! It's all about the accessories, dah-ling! Help your glam girl and her guests get into character with these Glitzy Girl costume and dress-up ideas. These ideas are sure to make her feel like the true fashion queen of her party.
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Let the birthday girl shine

Make her feel like a true star by dressing up the birthday girl in her very own costume. Give her a Black Sequin Skirt with a Disco Dots Hat, Pink Hair Combs and a Sequin Scarf. She will have so much fun dazzling guests and soaking up the spotlight in her adorable outfit!

Accessorize to the max

If your little diva has decided that she wants to wear her own outfit to the party, then she can still wow her guests with trendy accessories. Give her a Disco Dots Hat and Glitzy Girl Award Ribbon. She will surely be ready to strike a pose wearing these glamorous accessories.

Give the girls starry accessories

Create red-carpet excitement by getting guests glammed up right when they arrive at the party. At the door, give every guest a pair of Glitter Sunglasses, Orbit Necklaces, Glitzy Girl Bracelets, and dazzling rings from the Girl Fun Value Pack. These accessories are perfect for drawing attention and wowing fans!

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Glitzy Girl Party Food Ideas

Glitzy Girl Party Food Ideas
Fancy that! Fabulous party food is key to helping all those little divas keep their energy up for all that exhausting runway work! Put these Glitzy Girl party food ideas into action to set your party apart from a glitzy imposter's.
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Make a Glitzy Girl cupcake tower

Your birthday girl and her group of divas won't be able to resist a cupcake tower that blings. First, start by baking up the birthday girl's favorite kind of cupcakes in the Snappy Stripes Cupcake Baking Cups and frosting them with white icing. Set out the cupcakes on a Silver Cupcake Stand. Make sure that you've added girly colored Sugar Sprinkles and White Sugar Pearls to each tiny dessert. Add a dazzling Ring Pop to each cupcake so that the candy ring points upwards from the cupcake's center. Set out Glitzy Girl Dessert Plates and Glitzy Girl Beverage Napkins to make sure the girls stay dainty.

Let all the girls decorate their own cupcakes

Your girls will love adding some sparkle and getting creative as they dress up cupcakes with colorful cupcake decorations. Bake a couple batches of cupcakes in the Snappy Stripes Cupcake Baking Cups. Set out Silver Trim Bowls filled with a variety of colorful Sprinkles, along with pretty Sugar Pearls. Pass out Glitzy Girl Dessert Plates for each girl to work on and let them start creating their masterpieces! Make sure to have plenty of Glitzy Girl Beverage Napkins handy because a diva never likes to get messy!

Make a fabulous feast

Even glitzy girls need a little break from the spotlight every now and then. After all the non-stop action and games, let your shining beauties take a little break for a feast that was made for the fabulous. Make yummy sandwiches from tortillas, ham and lettuce held togethter by Bright Picks. Fill a White Lazy Susan with some healthy veggie treats like bell peppers and carrots. Serve your meal on Glitzy Girl Lunch Plates with Glitzy Girl Lunch Napkins handy.

Mix up a fruit punch

Show your girls some high fashion by creating adorable drinks for them. Make some punch by mixing equal parts lemon-lime soda and cranberry juice in a Crystalike Punch Bowl. Make cute fruit picks of blueberries and raspberries on Bright Picks. Serve punch in Glitzy Girl Cups and place a fruit pick across the rim of each cup. Don't forget to set out Glitzy Girl Beverage Napkins in case of any spills.