Baseball Party Ideas!

Baseball Party Ideas!

Don't strike out when it comes to getting the team together to celebrate. Our baseball ideas will help you plan for an all-star birthday party.

Baseball Party Invitation Ideas

Baseball Party Invitation Ideas
It's game time! Get the whole team together with our baseball party invitation ideas. These innovative party invitation ideas will give you a game plan for invites that are sure to have the team running to R.S.V.P. for your party.
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Call the team to the game with custom invites

Baseball players need to plan for games and team practices. Make sure that your guests know your party plans by sending them the important details like when and where in Baseball Still Life Custom Invitations. Add a message like: "Let's play some baseball and celebrate Joey's birthday!" Party City will ship your invites to you within five days so that you can get them out right away. Sprinkle a little Baseball Confetti inside each envelope, add a Sticker to the outside and they're ready to be sent out!

Give your teammates a party pass with their invites

The crowd is always so excited before a big baseball game. Get the excitement going when you send out your invitations with a special party pass for guests. Add Baseball Tattoos inside your Invitations. Don't forget to write a note telling your friends that they'll need to wear their tattoos as a "secret pass" into the party so you know they're not with the opposing team. Add a pinch of Baseball Confetti to give your invitations some extra winning power.

Hand-deliver your invites with a baseball favor

Teams spend a lot of time bonding with one another on and off the field. Your little players can bond when you send out a pre-party favor with their invitations. If you're hand-delivering your Baseball Invitations, punch a hole in the corner and tie Baseball Bracelets to the envelopes with Royal Blue Curling Ribbon. These baseball bracelets feature fun sayings like, "Bring Your A Game" and "Play Ball!" Adding favors to your invites will make every guest feel like a part of the team long before party time!

Baseball Thank You Note Ideas for a Championship Ending

Send personalized baseball custom thank you notes

After the baseball game, teams show their good sportsmanship by shaking hands. Teach your little slugger how to be a good sport after his party ends. He can send out Baseball Still Life Custom Thank You Notes with a note like: "Thanks for being such a good sport!" Just order them along with your custom invitations and Party City will ship them out within five days. Finish each note with a bit of Baseball Confetti and seal each envelope with a Sticker.

Add team photos for fun thank you notes

Team photos are great ways to look back on some memorable baseball party moments – so why not say thank you to your team with an action-packed photo! Send out Baseball Thank You Notes with a photo of each guest posing with the birthday boy or the Baseball Photo Cutout. In each envelope, add a pinch of Confetti.

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Baseball Party Game & Activity Ideas

Baseball Party Game & Activity Ideas
Batter up! You're sure to be a home run hitter with our baseball party game and activity ideas. Bring the excitement of the sandlot right to your party with ideas that are sure to make your party a blast!
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Take a swing with the pinata game

Most baseball players spend a lot of time practicing their batting skills. Have your little ones practice their own batting by playing pinata. Start with a Baseball Pinata or a Trophy Pinata and fill it with all sorts of goodies that players will cheer for. Use favors like the Boys' Super Mix, Sports Erasers, Baseball Whistles, Baseball Bracelets, Baseball Yo-Yos and Sports Baseball Bat Keychain. Make sure to add something sweet like Sports Super Bubble or Kiddie Mix Candy. Let each player take turns pulling strings to open the pinata or wearing a Blindfold to try to break the pinata open with a Pinata Bat. Be sure to give everyone a Baseball Party Bag to collect all their prizes.

Surprise your players with a favor bar

One of the best parts about going to see a live ball game is all the great team trinkets and souvenirs for sale at the park. Your guests will love picking their own baseball prizes from a favor bar. Start your favor bar by setting out a Clear Tray and filling it with all sorts of goodies like Sponge Baseballs, Baseball Bracelets, loud Baseball Whistles and Catch Games. Other great choices for your favor bar are Baseball Tattoos, Yo-Yos and Sports Baseball Bats Keychains. Give each of your guests a Party Bag for them to collect all their loot.

Get them movin' with a game of Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a great way to get your teammates' feet moving even when they can't go outside to play ball. For this classic party activity, line up chairs back to back for all but one player. Station an adult by the stereo with the Baseball Party Music CD. When the music begins, the players can dance, walk or even jog around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone sits; the person without a seat is out. Remove one chair each round and continue until only the winner is left.

Award your team MVP prizes

After all the excitement from the games and activities have died down, it's time to award the players with prizes. Give out a Paddle Ball, Jumbo Award Trophy, Soft Baseball or a Baseball Bat Pen. Whichever prizes you choose, you're sure to g a roar from the crowd.

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Baseball Party Favor Ideas

Baseball Party Favor Ideas
Stealing home Taking home a bag full of great baseball party favors is like stealing home base for a game-winning run. Our baseball party favor ideas will show you winning ways to give out favors that are as unique as the birthday boy.
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Make their cups overflow with baseball goodies

Here's a great and easy way to make favors. Start with a Baseball Cup and line the cup with Red Crinkle Paper Shred. Top your cups off with favors like Soft Baseballs, Baseball Memo Pads, Yo-Yos and Pencils. Slip each cup inside a Clear Party Bag and tie the top closed with Red Curling Ribbon.

Pack up original containers full of baseball favorites

Give out unique favor containers to each guest to help them continue the fun even after your party is over.

Use baseball-themed favor containers

Make your own baseball-themed favors that will impress your whole team! Start with a White Folding Favor Box and add Baseball Stickers to the front. Put in some Red Crinkle Paper Shred. Make sure to add favors that your guests will treasure like baseball-shaped erasers from the Sport Eraser Pack, Baseball Bracelets, Yo-Yos, Whistles and Baseball Bat Keychains.

Finish on time with a favor value pack

If you're running out of innings and still have lots of party prep to do, here's a way to save time on your party favors. You can pick up a Baseball Champion Favor Value Pack and pack the favors in the bags that come with the package. There are enough goodies for eight sets of favors, so you can get a lot done in a little time.

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Baseball Party Decoration Ideas

Baseball Party Decoration Ideas
Take me out to the ball game! Bring the ballpark to your party with our grand-slam baseball party decoration ideas. Follow these ideas to create a world of baseball field fun for your sports fans!
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Take it out to the ballpark

There's nothing that baseball fans love more than a trip to the ballpark, and now you can create a field of fun at your party with baseball-themed decorations. Embellish your room by hanging up a Baseball Banner and adding Streamers with Baseball Hanging Decorations. Hang some Baseball Cutouts on the walls to take your love of the game one step further. To complete this look, check out our table decoration and balloon ideas below.

Set a slammin' party table

Set a table fit for the whole team!

When they're traveling on the road, baseball teams usually dine all together at a long table. Here's how to set a party table that will make your guests want to take a break from the action.

Let your decorations take flight with balloons

A great batter can step up to the plate, hit the ball and send it flying into the outfield. Make your decorations fly too, with a baseball balloon bouquet of your own. Just mix two Baseball Metallic Balloons with two Birthday Streamer Jumbo Balloons. You can also use Latex Baseball Balloons to add some extra party decorations to open spaces. You'll need helium, so pick up a tank at your nearest Party City store or order a Helium Tank Kit that fills up to 50 balloons.

Baseball Party Dress-Up Ideas

Baseball Party Dress-Up Ideas
Team spirit! Hit it out of the park with our baseball costume and dress-up ideas. Keep reading for great costume accessory ideas for your guest of honor as well as his little teammatess
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Let him dress in an all-star uniform

Since the start of organized baseball teams, players have worn matching uniforms. Let your little slugger dress in uniform to show he's a special member of the team. Give your birthday boy the Lil Champs Costume Set to show off during the party. He'll feel like the MVP in the jersey shirt and ball cap that come in the set.

Keep it casual with baseball accessories

If your birthday boy already has his own outfit picked out for the party, you can accessorize his threads with a Little Champ Award Ribbon. This award ribbon will give his outfit a special guest of honor feel and he'll treasure it long after the party.

Give the whole team baseball accessories

Baseball teams always wear matching jerseys to their games – so why not let your teammates have matching accessories for the big party? Hand out cool Blue Metallic Glasses and noise-making Baseball Whistles. Also Baseball Bracelets make a great guest giveaway.

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Baseball Party Food Ideas

Baseball Party Food Ideas
Step up to the plate! A trip to the ball game is meant for eating classic goodies like hot dogs, peanuts and ice cold drinks. Our baseball party food ideas will show you great ways to make a ballpark-themed meal that will get the team energized and in the spirit for a winning celebration.
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Create a slammin' cupcake tower

If you build a cupcake tower, you better believe they'll come running for these home-baked treats. Start by making the birthday boy's favorite type of cake in the Primary Standard Baking Cups. Decorate your cupcakes with Jimmy Sprinkles and Baseball Icing Decorations. Add a Happy Birthday Baseball Candle to a cupcake for the birthday boy and set out all cupcakes on a Silver Cupcake Stand. Serve these tiny desserts on Dessert Plates and hand out Napkins for messes.

Let your little champions decorate their own desserts

Why not make an activity out of dessert time? Let your birthday boy and his guests decorate cupcakes of their own creations. First bake your birthday boy's favorite kind of cupcakes in Primary Standard Baking Cups and then set out Small Silver Trim Bowls filled with colorful Sprinkles and Baseball Icing Decorations. You can also set out Cake Toppers for the boys to use. Make sure you hand each little guy a Baseball Dessert Plate to work on along with Napkins.

Bring ballpark food to your party

Take your party guests out to the ball game with original ballpark foods. Make delicious hot dogs with all the fixings and nachos that will satisfy any ballplayer's hunger. You can also set out Cracker Jacks for the boys. To add some healthy choices, have some cherries and a Baseball Bowl filled with peanuts. Serve food on Lunch Plates and give each team member some Napkins. With so many ballpark food choices, the boys will never feel hungry during the game.

Set out some drinks for your players

After playing some ball, your little sluggers will be quite thirsty. Set out a drink display for them that they'll cheer for. Buy your birthday boy's favorite beverages and display them in a Baseball Bowl filled with ice. Have Cups around to serve your drinks in. Be sure to have Baseball Beverage Napkins for any messes.