Angry Birds Cake How-to

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Here's how to decorate the Angry Birds cake featured in our Boys Birthday Cake Ideas Gallery.


  • A baked and cooled cake
  • White decorating icing
  • Blue Color Mist
  • Green Color Mist
  • Purple Color Mist
  • Green icing tube
  • Red icing tube
  • Purple icing tube


    __Offset spatula     __Wilton decorating tips 233
    __Decorating kit with bags and tips     __Angry Birds candles


1. With an offset spatula, place the white decorating icing on the cake and spread it over the top and sides. For a smooth effect, run spatula lightly over the icing in the same direction, blending it in for an even look.

2. Shake the can of Blue Color Mist vigorously and lightly spray over the top half of the cake, going back and forth until you achieve the desired shade. Repeat with the Green Color Mist over the bottom half of the cake and with the Purple Color Mist on the sides.

3. Fit the tube of green icing with the tip coupler (from the decorating kit) and tip 233 and pipe grass along the bottom edge of the cake and across the top where the blue icing joins the green.

4. Fit the tube of red icing with the tip coupler and tip 3 (from the decorating kit) and write out your birthday message. Switch out the tip to tip 32 (from the decorating kit) and pipe a decorative border around edges.

5. Fit the tube of purple icing with the tip coupler and tip 32 and pipe a decorative border around the base of the cake.

6. Arrange the Angry Birds candles on top for an action-filled presentation!