Seafood Fest Party Ideas

Seafood Fest Party Ideas
9 Crackin’ good ideas!

Indulge in butter-drenched ideas for a warm-weather bash!

Serve up the catch of the day with great ideas for a seafood boil, perfect for summertime.
This Southern tradition has become a trendy go-to for when the weather heats up. The food is decadent and the cleanup’s a breeze! We have ideas for decorations and mouth-watering recipes for corn, lobster, peach sweet tea and more! Whether you're throwing a small backyard party or a large-scale crab feed, a low-country boil is the perfect way to catch up with friends while keeping your party low-key and casual.

Seafood Table Idea Red Clam Chowder Idea Seafood Survival Kit Idea
Everything for a splashy seafood celebration! Add fixin's to spice up your red clam chowder! Set them up for seafood success!
Set up a Seafood Essentials serving station!
Red clam chowder makes a hearty appetizer and is SO delish.
Put together a seafood survival kit with everything they need.
Crab Feed Serving Idea Lobster Dipping Sauce Idea Net Decorating Idea
A feast of fresh crab Spice up your life with garlic, wine or Tabasco butters! Set sail with coastal decor!
Learn the best way to serve up B-I-G portions!
Offer a tantalizing variety of lobster dipping sauces to up the fun.
Spruce up your Seafood Fest with adorable decorations inspired by the sea.
Corn on the Cob Idea Seafood Fest Bibs Idea Iced Peach Sweet Tea Recipe
Serve a yummy side in a grab-and-go tray! Bust out the lobster bibs and let them dig in! Brew up some down-home sweet tea!
Elevate your corn on the cob recipe with an exciting blend of spicy and savory.
Prepare your guests for an epic seafood FEAST with bibs and shell crackers!
Peach iced sweet tea on a hot summer day is sure to hit the spot.

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