Black Light Party Ideas

Black Light Party Ideas
11 Bright Ideas

Trip the lights fantastic with epic ideas for glow sticks, drinks & more

Bright ideas for wearables, drinks and decorations!
Turn out the lights, flip on a black light and see what glows! Welcome your party people with a table of glow-in-the-dark wearables like glasses, glow sticks, hats, 'staches and beads. Serve glow-in-the-dark drinks made with tonic water and use bright neon glasses and pitchers.

It's easy to have a blast creating a cool party experience with white decorations that glow in the dark such as containers, paper shred and paper lanterns.

Party Ideas

Glow Bar Party Table Idea Grab Your Glow Favor Bags Idea Black Light Martini Cocktail Idea
Set up a table of gear and glow sticks! Put out favor bags for guests to fill up! Serve Glow-Tini glow-in-the-dark martinis!
Illuminate your guests with glow-in-the-dark wearables.
Light up the night with glowing black light party favor bags.
Gin and tonics are perfect – tonic water glows under black light!
Glow in the Dark Bubbly Drink Idea Black Light Beaded Drinks Idea Black Light Blue Margaritas Idea
Best black light party drink idea for kids, tweens and teens! Brighten the party with drinks and beads Black light blue margaritas with glowing candy sticks!
Make your lemon-lime soda glow with black light cups.
Mix luminescent margaritas garnished with swizzle sticks and beads.
White candy sticks make the best black light margarita garnish.
Black Light Party Colorful Wines Idea Black Light Beer Pong Party Idea DIY Glow in the Dark Lanterns Idea
Serve interesting wines in blue, pink and orange! Play glow-in-the-dark beer pong! Create luminous lanterns with glow sticks and black light!
Ideas for colorful wines to match the glasses.
A container with black light pong balls = bright centerpiece + cool game
Embellish white lanterns with glow sticks and beads.
Black Light Party T-Shirts Idea Glow Makeup Station Idea
Decorate T-shirts with duck tape Your party peeps will ♥ a makeup station!
Neon tape, white T-shirts and scissors are all you need for a decorating activity.
Have a makeup station with glow lip gloss, mustaches and lashes.

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