Sunny Anderson's Infladium Football and Tailgating Recipes

Sunny Anderson's Infladium Football and Tailgating Recipes
9 winning big game ideas

Score big and fill up a crowd with Sunny Anderson's Infladium!

This inflatable snack stadium is the new way to buffet—from tailgating to football parties and more!
Ready, set, eat! All eyes are on you as the quarterback of your tailgating cook-off or game day gathering, and Sunny Anderson's Infladium is game for anything you’re ready to dish out—appetizers, entrees, snacks, candy, desserts and even drinks with ice. Here’s the playbook to get your signature dishes or favorite snacks #winning!

Classic Snacks Infladium Setup Idea Sunny's Classic 7-Layer Dip Recipe Infladium Drink Cooler Idea
Fill your Infladium™ with classic snacks and small bites Sunny's classic 7-layer dip! Chill out!
A field of green...guacamole!
Creamy, dreamy and just right for a game.
Get the low-down on using your Infladium™ as a drink cooler.
Carnivore Central Infladium Setup Idea Sunny's Easy-Win Chili Recipe Field of Greens Infladium Setup Idea
Turn your Infladium™ into carnivore central Sunny’s Easy-Win Chili recipe Pack your Infladium™ with a field of greens
Create heaven on earth for your meat-loving friends.
Score one for the home team with this game day classic.
Keep everyone at the party happy with lighter options.
Sunny's Easy Cheesy Spread Recipe Sweet Victory Infladium Setup Idea Coloring Your Toppings Idea
Sunny’s Easy Cheesy Spread recipe Your new fave theme: Sweet Victory! Sunny's how-to for perfectly colored cupcake toppings
How-To How-To
The perfect dip for your field of greens!
Hands down the easiest way to fill your Infladium™.
Here are some sweet ways to top off your field in style.

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