Mad Tea Party Ideas

Mad Tea Party Ideas
7 wonder-ful ideas

Explore madcap ideas for decorations, food ideas and more!

Follow us down the rabbit hole for a Wonderland party!
Is it your unbirthday today? Host a bright and zany Mad Tea Party unique enough for any occasion. We added touches from Alice in Wonderland to each of these ideas, from cookies and fruit mason jars to dipped pretzels and a magical taller-smaller iced tea idea. You may find this is the kind of party that’s not just fun to attend—it’s fun to throw, too!

Tea Sandwiches Idea Taller and Smaller Drink Idea Crazy Fruit Cups Idea
Serve cucumber tea sandwiches It’s time for tea! Serve colorful fruit cups
Satisfy your guests’ appetites with a tea party staple.
Learn how to brew up iced tea in perfect Wonderland colors.
Layer fruit in a clear mason jar for an eye-catching treat!
Mad Pretzels Idea Cookies For Alice Idea White Rabbit Veggies Idea
Go mad for this sweet and salty combo Decorate “Eat Me” cookies Reserve veggies for the White Rabbit
Turn ordinary pretzels into a crazy-cute treat!
Personalize tempting treats to reflect your Wonderland theme!
Perk up your party snacks with thematic boxes and signs.
Queen of Hearts Sandwiches Idea
Snacks fit for a Queen (of Hearts)
Give your guests the royal treatment with sandwiches shaped like crowns!