Crazy Candy Buffet Ideas

Crazy Candy Buffet Ideas
4 wacky candy ideas

Top off tea time with something sweet

Create a candy buffet as mad as the rest of your party!
Curiouser and curiouser! We’ve discovered four wonder-ful ways to display sweet mini candy buffets at your next Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. Your guests will be delighted by the wacky colors and designs, and excited to dig right in! Explore each display below for details on how we set them up.

Crazy Candy Buffet Idea Mad Hatter Candy Display White Rabbit Candy Display
Set up a mad candy buffet Photo props + candy = fun and delicious Make a White Rabbit candy display
Pick a variety of candies for a crazy colorful buffet!
Rainbow gum balls make for a perfect Mad Hatter display!
This one's almost too cute to eat.
Card Suits Candy Display
Use playing card signs for this mad candy idea!
Shiny wrapped chocolate caramels suit this display perfectly!