Hollywood Inspired Cocktail Ideas

Hollywood Inspired Cocktail Ideas
12 A-list recipes

Star-studded drink ideas for your awards party or movie night

Serve up some style with movie-themed cocktails!
Intoxicate guests with award-worthy cocktails that are sure to make you a star! Classic films play muse to eye-catching drinks such as the glowing Avatar cocktail or the misty Harry Potter potion. Just follow these recipes — they're guaranteed to win Best Drink!

Drink Ideas

Harry Potter Cocktail Recipe James Bond Martini Cocktail Recipe True Grit Cocktail Recipe
Harry Potter Bond, James Bond True Grit
You won't need wizardry to conjure up this delicious potion!
007's signature "Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred" will delight your fellow film fanatics!
Throw a boot-kickin' Hollywood-themed hootenanny for Western film aficionados!
Snow White Seven Dwarfs Cocktail Recipe Titanic Cocktail Recipe Casablanca Cocktail Recipe
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Titanic Casablanca
Classic Disney Masterpieces can be fun for adults too with Snow White and the seven shots!
You'll feel like you're "the king of the world" when you serve guests this iceberg-blue martini.
Your guests will feel like 1940's Tinseltown starlets as they sip their sparkling cocktails.
The Lion King Cocktail Recipe Iron Man and The Hulk Cocktail Recipe Airplane Cocktail Recipe
The Lion King Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk Airplane!
Celebrate the "circle of life" with a zebra-inspired, chocolatey cocktail!
Assemble the Avengers (cocktails!) at your next superhero movie night!
Your guests won't call you Shirley when you set up this Airplane!-inspired beverage bar!
Captain America Cocktail Recipe Avatar Cocktail Recipe
Captain America Avatar
Call in Captain America and shoo out the Winter (Soldier) with these patriotic Strawberry Daiquiris!
Create an eye-popping party cocktail that's just as epic as the latest blockbuster!