Taste of Paris Food and Drink Ideas

Taste of Paris Food and Drink Ideas
9 Perfectly Parisian Ideas

Host a chic and sweet soirée

Ooh la la is what this French-themed party is all about!
A Day in Paris-themed party brings together all that’s pretty and pink with a Parisian touch. From bridal showers to sweet 16’s, or anytime you want to create an in-home getaway, our Paris party ideas have the makings of a celebration gone ooh la la! Stroll through our food, drinks and decoration ideas to get inspiration for your perfectly Parisian party!

Food & Drink Ideas

Taste of Paris Food Table Idea Croissant Sandwiches Food Idea French Cheese Platter Idea
Savor bliss with every bite Eat up this French twist on sandwiches Say cheese to this easy and delicious party appetizer
French delicacies give your party a touch of Parisian posh
Airy and fluffy, croissants add a bit of French flair
A French cheese platter makes any gathering tasty and memorable
Baguette Sandwiches Idea Chic Cutlery Pack Idea Sleek Straw Decoration Idea
Ham up your French feast with baguette sandwiches Get wrapped pretty in pink Drink up these charming decorative accents!
This classic French meal lives up to its simple-yet-satisfying hype
Doilies get your cutlery dressed up for the party!
Your drink of choice stays festive down to the last straw
Merci Madeleines Cookies Cupcake Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Favor Candy Idea
Munch and mingle with madeleine cookies! The Eiffel Tower makes for a sweet setting Turn mini morsels into sweet and stylish Paris party favors
Madeleine cookies for your guests are a sweet way to say “merci!”
A cupcake stand makes it easy to create a tower of tasty treats!
Mini cube boxes give bite-sized sweets an on-trend look

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