Kids Graduation Party Ideas

Kids Graduation Party Ideas
6 Kid-Friendly Grad Party Ideas!

Give your smarty-pants a reason to smile

Fun ideas for your kindergarten or preschool graduation, promotion or step-up celebration!
Celebrate their end-of-year achievements with a graduation party! Little grads will love the bright hues of this primary color-themed party. Adorn your table with wise owls and adorable apples alongside yummy goodies and playful plates. You'll get an "A" for awesome!

Food & Drink Ideas

Kids Graduation Fruit Punch Stand Idea Kids Graduation Drink Station Idea Kids Graduation Fries Idea
School's out, lets party! Smile and take a drink! Set out themed signs
Celebrate your little grad's achievements with their favorite citrus punch.
Use smiley face decorations to accent the drink station.
They've earned their letters, now reward them with fries!
Kids Graduation Drink Sign Idea Kids Graduation Popcorn Treat Idea Kids Graduation Smiley Lollipop Idea
This owl is a hoot! Popcorn for the grads! Even the lollipops are proud!
It's all about the details, right down to the chalkboard signs.
Set out their favorite snacks in popcorn boxes.
Click on this idea to see a display that's as sweet as your little grad.
Kids Graduation Party Table Idea
Snacks, drinks & sweets – this party table gets an A+
Click through to see how to arrange a spread of sweets and snacks that the little grads will love.

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