Gold Confetti Grad Party Ideas

Gold Confetti Grad Party Ideas
6 Poppin’ Ideas

Hang your grad tassel on trend-setting stripes and dots!

Just right for a casually chic graduation party
Black and white always makes the grade as a classy pairing, and pops of pink and gold give it a fresh modern look! Complete your party with more great ideas for a glitzy graduation from a popcorn bar and pretty balloon bouquets to buffet food ideas and fruit treats in your party colors. Our gallery will help you connect the dots—and stripes!—for a look that’s top of the class!

Food & Decorating Ideas

Class of 2017 Banner Idea Dots and Stripes Grad Buffet Idea Melon Mini Tasting Idea
Shine with class using a bold banner of stripes and dots The grads will love a dots and stripes soiree! Scoop up this simple and sweet fruit cup for your party!
A fun confetti theme to celebrate their achievement!
This pattern makes it easy to connect the dots and stripes for a casually chic buffet!
This idea will keep you on the ball with dishing out refreshing treats!
Graduation Brunch Food Idea Graduation Popcorn Bar Idea Confetti Theme Hanging Decor Idea
Chicken waffles and French toast? Oh yes Thank grads and guests for poppin’ by! Get your grad decor in on the pomp and circumstance
Brunch stays golden with elegant chafing trays
Party goers will love to munch and mingle over this popcorn bar
Get this look with fluffies, fans, lanterns and metallic swirls!

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