Chalkboard Graduation Cake Idea

Chalkboard Graduation Cake Idea

Make a stylish chalkboard cake

Celebrate your grad’s hard work with an elegant (and surprisingly easy) chalkboard graduation cake! With some black and white fondant, some white food coloring, party picks and red candies, you can create a stylish cake your grad will be excited to eat. Just follow our easy how-to below.


Chalkboard Graduation Cake Idea
  • Fondant, white and black
  • Buttercream icing
  • Bright White Candy Melts®
  • Red gum balls
  • Round cake pan
  • Spatula
  • Wide brush
Follow Instructions
1) Add candy and party picks
Finish up this chalkboard beauty by affixing red gum balls around the base, and gently pressing 2-0-1-7 silver party picks into the top.
2) Bake cakes
Use a round cake pan and bake your favorite cake. Use multiple layers for extra height.
3) Frost and add fondant
Use a spatula to lightly ice your cake with buttercream icing. Cover your cake with white fondant.
4) Prepare fondant strips
Cut strips of black fondant: two small, one medium, and one large.
5) Add text
Cut Candy Melts® in half to create a pointed edge. Use these just like chalk to write your message on the large black fondant strip. Get creative!
6) Affix fondant strips
Use a damp brush to wet the back of a fondant strip, then carefully smooth around the cake.

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