Pink & Orange Candy Buffet Ideas

Pink & Orange Candy Buffet Ideas
13 Gorgeous ideas

Glam it up with a pink and orange candy table!

A pink and orange color story is perfectly diva-licious!
A glint of gold looks amazing with vibrant pink and orange hues. Let it inspire a candy buffet that's posh and pretty for any party where a little luxe is called for! To show off your candy colors, mix and match different sizes of containers, cocktail glasses and pretty little organza bags. Get close-ups of all of these ideas, including the gorgeous fan decorations!

Candy Buffet Ideas

Pink Orange Candy Buffet Display Idea DIY Life Saver Candy Flowers How To Pinwheel Candy Boats Idea
Create your own luscious pretty-in-pink candy land! Pink fans + orangey Life Savers = DIY sweetness Pin this breezy pinwheel candy boat idea!
Glam it up with diva-licious candy buffet ideas in pink and orange with a touch of glitz. The pretty colors make a posh party!
These precious favors are sheer perfection!
We're loving these sweet little candy boats with pinwheel "sails" (they're cupcake picks).
Pink Orange Chocolate Drop Champagne Idea Orange Ombre Rock Candy Sticks Idea Pink Candy Favor Boxes Idea
Here's to deliciously colorful candy "champagne"! Give your rock candy a makeover (with color mist!) Cute candy favors make a style statement
Style these tasty cocktails with candy stick or swirly lollipop "stirrers" and display them on a clear tray filled with confetti.
We love this trick for creating a vibrant ombré-effect rock candy display: spray the ends of your rock candy sticks with edible orange color mist!
Candy favors are both elegant and delicious!
DIY Decorated Candy Bowls IdeaDIY Doily Fan Decorations Idea DIY Decorated Candy Favors Idea Gumball Daiquiri Idea
Mini paper fans + gold doilies = too beautiful Summer-sweet favors are easy: Just add a flirty touch of tulle! Cheers to cand-aiquiris!
Give your candy-scape the star treatment with glam wall decorations.
Make these little portions of paradise with mini wine glasses, pink and orange Starburst® and pink tulle!
The hot color combination of orange and pink looks cool served tropical-drink-style!
DIY Edible Candy Aquarium How To DIY Edible Candy Fish Bowl How To DIY Oyster Candy Cups How To
Create an adorable, edible aquarium! Sweet little world of candy fish! Candy pearls + golden oyster cups = very pin-teresting!
What a fun idea! A coral reef made from rock candy in the colors of a beach sunset!
Get guests in the "swim" of things with a bowl of cute candy fish and gumball "bubbles!"
Serve a sand bar of pearly delights!
Candy Cordial Glasses Idea
Make cute candy "drinks" for munching and mingling!
Cordial glasses brimming with pink Sixlets® get diva-licious when you add orange Pixy Stix® "straws" and dazzling rock candy!

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