Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas
15 ideas to reveal the joy

Endless ideas for fun ways to share the exciting news with everyone!

Don't just tell friends and family the baby's gender. Show them!
A gender reveal baby shower is an exciting way to share the good news! Browse our adorable baby shower ideas to keep guests guessing. You can even have the bakery help plan the party, so even you will be surprised!

Decorating & Treat Ideas

Gender Reveal Cupcake Idea Gender Reveal Gift Station Idea Gender Reveal Treats Table
Hide the telltale color inside cupcakes. Surprise! Create a gender reveal themed gifts station in pink and blue Wow them with a clever "gender cravings" dessert table
These cupcakes are not only delish, they hide the exciting answer inside!
Decorate your gifts station in equal parts pink and blue by creatively combining safari banners, cutouts and hanging fluffies for a cute-as-a-button look.
There's a baby on board and Mom wants pickles and ice cream!
Gender Reveal Cookie Sticks Idea Gender Reveal Cupcake Topper Idea Gender Reveal Table
Punctuate the party with a question mark centerpiece Bow or bow tie? Either is sweet! Go all out with the gender reveal theme to savor the surprise!
Sitting down for the pre-reveal, your guests will be beside themselves with curiosity.
There's no question, these cupcakes are delicious!
Fill the party table with gender reveal plates, cups, napkins and favor boxes and mix in solid pink and blue napkins, paper fans and tablecovers.
Gender Reveal Game Idea Gender Reveal Diaper Cake Game Idea Gender Reveal Banner Idea
Beau or bow? Make games more fun with pink and blue teams! This special diaper cake is a gift — and a fun guessing game Combine a gender reveal banner with colorful paper fans
Every team needs cheer gear!
Make a sweet diaper cake that plays up the mystery – and makes a pretty decorative element for the entryway.
Decorate with a Little Man or Little Miss banner and accent it with pink and blue paper fans and other solid decorations.
Gender Reveal Cake How To Gender Reveal Balloons Idea Gender Reveal Team Game Idea
The big moment! Cut the cake to reveal pink or blue Keep a lid on it! Surprise them with balloons in a box Guests can take sides by wearing a pink or blue button
Will it be a bouncing little he or a pretty little she?
Mom is about to pop – and so is everyone waiting to find out what the baby is!
Team pink or team blue?
Gender Reveal Pink & Blue Table Gender Reveal Cake Pops Idea Gender Reveal Invitation Idea
Combine pink and blue plate patterns and decor! Which will it be? Bite to see! Invite them to "guess who, pink or blue?"
You can find pre-made gender reveal plate patterns or pair your fave pink and blue tableware, like this super-adorable Safari theme.
Hide the news inside stylish leopard-spot and zebra-stripe cake pops.
Deliver adorable invites that make it clear this is no ordinary baby shower!

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