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Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate Party Ideas Guide

Yo-ho-ho, it's the birthday life for me. We pirates know how it is - when it's birthday party time, you don't want to go overboard, but you want yer little mateys happy. Get yer treasure chest o' pirate party ideas right here - for everything from invitations to games to favors - for a party worthy of the best cap'n on the high seas!

All Aboard! Pirate Party Invitation Ideas

All hands on deck! The invitations are the first step to any party - to let everybody know that only pirates are invited and also to see who's on board. The sea's the limit with what you say or include, so be creative with your pirate party ideas for invites!

Personalize a custom pirate party invitation

Have fun adding your own message to your invite, such as "Ahoy, me Hearties! Captain ______ (fill in your child's name) invites ye to a right fine parrrrty." With one of our custom invites - the Pirate Map Invitation, Ship with Flag Invitation or Pirate Striped Invitation - you can get a professional look for not a lot of money. A real buccaneer bargain!

Start the treasure hunt early with a bit o' loot in the envelope!

Guests don't have to wait to start gathering bounty at the party - an invite to a friend's awesome pirate party is treasure itself. Use our convenient fill-in Pirate's Treasure Invitations.

If you are hand delivering, include a few treasures in the envelope like Treasure Gold Coins and an Eye Patch. Only pirates are allowed, so be sure to instruct your mateys to wear the eye patch to the party. Use a bright red felt tip pen and have your pirate draw a big X by the party Location. X marks the spot!

Divvy up the riches! Just add shiny confetti

"Blimey!" your friends will say when they see your invites! Sprinkle shiny Pirate's Treasure Confetti inside that'll fall out like riches when they open the envelope. Asking guests to wear something special to the party gets the party excitement started early. Include a Pirate Tattoo and ask everyone to wear the tattoo the day of the party. Girls on the right cheek and boys on the left! Make the invitation envelopes seem as salty as a sea dog himself by sealing them with some Pirate Stickers. Aye! Look us in the eye patch and tell us that's not a fine effect!
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Goin' on a Treasure Hunt! Pirate Party Games & Activities Ideas

Throw your usual party games overboard - and try these pirate party ideas to bring smiles to the faces of your little buccaneers. Pirates are known for being expert game players - they invented treasure hunting, after all!

X marks the spot with a treasure hunt game!

Nothing makes pirates happier than when they're on a good treasure hunt. Use our Treasure Hunt Game with blank pirate-themed clue cards for parents to create their very own scavenger hunt! Write clues like "Find the next clue in the very cold food chest in the galley." Once kids figure out that the card leads to the fridge, they'll have found the next clue!

The prize for the winner? A Treasure Chest of course! Fill it with bounty like Gold Coins and Wonka mix-up candy. Make sure the winning Buccaneer shares with the rest of his mates!

The Pirate's Treasure Party Game - a pirate's spin on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game might work better.

Plan an old time classic game!

The Pirate's Treasure Party Game - a pirate's spin on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game - will always be a hit. Each game comes equipped for 12 little mateys. If you happen to have a bigger group of pirates, simply buy the Pirate Stickers and use them to mark the spot. To add to the fun, give each player a Pirate Hat and use a Pirate's Treasure Headscarf as a fun blindfold.

Put a pirate spin on a pinata

The pinata has been around at parties since Long John Silver first set sail - and for good reason! It's fun for the kids and easy for you! Get the Pirate Ship Pinata and fill it with your own pirate booty. Pirate-approved picks include Treasure Gold Coins, Pirate's Treasure Tattoos and Kiddie Mix. Add the Pirate Figurines for a real treat and to go along with the theme. Give each child a Pirate's Treasure Party Cup to collect his loot. Bonus: These plastic party cups are reusable. Don't forget the Pinata Bat and the Blindfold. To dress up the game, consider a Pirate's Treasure Headscarf as a blindfold substitute!

Put on a pirate face! Face-painting station ideas

Not all pirate party game ideas have to tucker ye out. Set up a table where the little ones can take turns becoming pirates. Use the Pirate Character Kit to sponge on beards and pencil on scar lines. When they're shipshape, hand them an Inflatable Sword and pirate Eye Patch then snap a photo. The face painting sets the stage for a lasting keepsake!
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Pirate's Booty! Pirate Party Favor Ideas

Every good pirate excursion ends with a treasure. With our pirate party ideas, it's easy to get creative and send every crew member home with a bounty of loot. Just make sure you have a favor set for every guest, or you just might have a mutiny on yer hands!

Create a handmade favor box in a snap

It's easy to make your own favors with our pirate-themed swag. Our Pirate's Treasure Favor Boxes double as both container and decoration. Make sure the loot is a mix of kids favorite candy like Kiddie Carnival Candy Mix and pirate themed favors like fun pirate Eye Patches, Pirate Figures and Blowout Noisemakers. (Note: the Eye Patch kit contains 5, while the Noisemakers contain 8. Always remember to account for all guests… and a few extras for siblings and helpers!)

Pick up ready-to-go pirate favor bags

If you're short on time, a favor like the Pirate's Treasure Goody Bag is a treat for you because it's pre-assembled with seven favors inside: a telescope, an eye patch, a whistle, three gold doubloons, and stickers. Kids will love the mix of toys, and you'll love the convenience.

Send each guest sailing away with a pirate treasure chest!

Even if yer little mateys didn't win the treasure hunt, don't send them home empty-handed. Make everyone a Treasure Chest (comes with a lock and key!) filled with a bountiful mix of Gold Coins and Kiddie Mix. Add a Pirate's Treasure Tattoo and Pirate Figurine. It's the ultimate favor - a chest your guests can use to store whatever treasures they have at home.
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Raise the Sails! Pirate Party Decoration Ideas

Hoist a flag and swab the decks - we've got a pirate birthday party to decorate for! Try these ideas to help you set the scene, so your little one's imagination can run wild with pirate party ideas for your house.

Create your own treasure chest centerpieces

Blimey! You've got all ye need to make your own decorations. It's easy to make your table a real beachside find:

Pirate our ideas for decorations!

Want to make your pirate party a little different but don't have a lot of time to get crafty? Let us help with party decorations that cleverly coordinate with the pirate motif to answer your S.O.S.! Pretend you're up in the crow's nest and start up high with a Pirate's Treasure Letter Banner and Streamers. From there, dangle Fish Netting down like it would drape on a ship; finish with a Ship and Island Honeycomb Centerpiece on your party table.

Skull and crossbones are true signs of a pirate ship!

Decorate your entryway to let your guests know what a jolly (Roger) good time they're going to have. Greet them at the door as they come to the party by hanging a life-size Pirate Skeleton Cutout right on the door. Decorate your windows using Pirate's Treasure Pennant Banners. Hang them across the tops of your front windows and the doorway. Guests know right away that they're coming onboard… and there be pirates around!

Start the fun outside with balloons to announce your theme!

Balloons in your front yard get everyone in birthday party mode right from the start - and help make sure all those little pirates' parents can clearly spy the party house through their telescope from down the street! Choose from Pirate's Treasure Balloons or Treasure Chest Mylar Balloons. Place the Mixed Balloon Bouquet at an important street intersection with a helpful sign to direct partygoers. Even a pirate caught in a storm would know where to go!
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More than an Eye Patch! Pirate Party Costumes & Dress-up Ideas

It's time to raid the treasure chest for a look fit for a sea-roving swashbuckler. Think about everything you'd need to complete the look: clothes, hat, tattoos, and props. We've got you and your little matey covered. Don't forget the pirate talk - yarrrgh!

Help kids get their pirate on

It's easy for the guest of honor to dress top to bottom as a pirate and get in character for all the pirate party fun. Our costumes are available for pirates of all ages, including the Boys High Seas Buccaneer Costume and Girls High Seas Buccaneer Pirate Costume. Or, if your birthday boy or girl liked the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, get an outfit to transform your little one into Captain Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth. Make sure the birthday pirate gets to wear a Birthday Ribbon. To stand out from the crowd just makes the day that much more special.

Throw on an accessory

Pirates don't have time for fashion when they're busy swabbing the decks, but that doesn't mean you can't provide pirate accessories for all your guests to make it really feel like a pirate ship! Stock up on Eye Patches, Classic Pirate Hooks and Pirate Hats (even these fun Inflatable Parrots that fit right on your shoulder) and everyone will pass muster. Keep a bunch of pirate accessories on deck, because they can double as favors and inspire pirate-y mayhem.

Dress up your pet as the ship's mascot!

They don't call him "pirate's best friend" for nothing. Treat your second-hand matey to a little party fun with her own Zelda Pirate Pet Costume.
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Grub and Grog! Pirate Party Food Ideas

Little adventurers build an appetite quickly - on or off the ship. It's easy to make sure there's good grub and grog on hand. Try out these pirate party ideas to satisfy the appetites of shipmates of all ages.

Bake up some treasure islands

Go on - let them play with their food! Bake up ye ol' party favorites - cupcakes - in Gold Party Cups, with chocolate frosting and crumbled graham crackers on top. Decorate with an "X" in Red Icing. Little do the wee ones know, but you've baked a hidden treasure inside - gummy fish!

Go fish!

Fun party snacks are always a pirate's favorite. What could be better than candy loot! Set out open treasure chests and upside-down hats on a snack table and fill them to the rim with different candies, cookies and chips. Set a pile of Buried Treasure Dessert Plates and napkins for the little pirates to use. Then just sit back and let the kids do the snacking.

Brew up some shark's blood grog

Pirates get just as thirsty at a birthday party as on the high seas. Better have some grog on hand! First, freeze concentrated red fruit punch in ice cube trays. Then add them to a bubbly drink like Sprite in a Pirate's Treasure Bowl and serve them in Clear Plastic Cups. Kids will love what happens next - the cubes "bleed" into the drink!
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