Valentines Day Class Party Ideas

Valentines Day Class Party Ideas
27 Heartfelt Ideas for Kids

Spoil your sweeties with Valentine's Day ideas for decorating, treats & more!

Easy-peasy ways to get their hearts racing!
Set little hearts aflutter with ideas for making your child's Valentine's Day class party a blast! Browse this gallery for cute decorations, super-fun activities, teacher gift ideas and yummy treats. It's easy to put together a party everyone will love.

Activity & Favor Ideas

Valentines Day Chair Decorating Idea Valentines Day Classroom Mailbox Idea Valentines Day Classroom Dress-Up Ideas
Here's a fun twist on the idea of Air Mail! Pur your heart into a DIY card mailbox! Lovely-looking little cherubs
Teachers or parent helpers can make all the kids feel special with a balloon valentine attached to their seat. Just tie helium-inflated conversation-heart balloons to each child's chair or use a balloon weight.
They'll ♥ catching love notes in mailboxes they made themselves!
No wings? Get a Cupid-cute look with Valentine's Day-themed accessories!
Valentines Day Clear Gift Box Idea Valentines Day Classroom Party Games Idea Valentines Day Classroom Cupcake Decorating Idea
Candy + clear gift box = sweet gift Who will your heart mate be? Play to find out! Capture their hearts with a cupcake decorating activity – yum!
Candy is extra-thrilling when it's on display in a transparent box with a pretty ribbon!
Get your little Cupids playing (and learning!) with a sweet matching game.
They'll be crazy in love with your cupcake decorating activity – the #1 favorite of all Valentine's Day class party ideas.
Personalized Valentines Day Potions Idea Valentines Day Sugar Rimmed Milk Cup Idea Valentines Day Classroom Candyless Valentines Idea
Turn juice into Valentine's potion Milk and cookies? Sweet! Aww! Little gift pouches for the cutie pies
Uncap their imaginations!
Munching on treats will make your sweethearts thirsty!
These candyless valentines are unique, adorable and super-fun to make.
DIY Classroom Decorated Valentine Mailboxes idea DIY Pixy Stix Bouquet Idea Valentines Day Classroom Cookie Favors Idea
They'll be stuck on these valentine mailboxes! Show the teacher some love with a handmade gift Baked with love and affection!
The kids will love receiving cards and goodies in mailboxes they decorate themselves.
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and this gift is too!
If your teacher has a sweet tooth, this scrumptious (and thoughtful) valentine idea will make the grade.
DIY Valentines Day Treat Favors Idea Valentines Day Classroom Photo Booth Idea Valentines Day Instagram Photos Idea
Clever DIY treat cups to indulge sweet tooths! Say cheese! It's a Valentine-tastic photo booth Instagram sweetie!
Set their hearts aflutter with adorbs popcorn and Hershey Kisses® valentines!
Let your little cupcakes burn off some sugar by posing sweetly in front of a wall of heart balloons.
Your kids already have to show you how to use your phone apps, so they'll be ready to help when you take some adorable Instagram pics.
Valentines Day Classroom Candy Favors Idea Valentines Day Hot Cocoa Idea Valentines Day Activity Exchange Card Idea
Tags with sweet talk make these candy favors extra-fun! Cocoa confections for the class Valentine's Day exchange cards that turn into fun activities
If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, you'll love creating these clever custom valentines.
Warm their hearts with hot chocolate served in pretty pink paper cups.
Give out exchange cards that are fun to play with.
Valentines Day Candy Organza Favor Bags Idea Valentines Day Drink Dispenser Idea Valentines Day Classroom Decorating Idea
Filled with love Quench their thirst with juice in a lovey-dovey dispenser A few key decorations make kids feel like Valentine's VIPs!
The candy in these pretty organza bags is even more tempting because the goodies inside show through!
Choose a plain white beverage dispenser and add foam purple and red hearts for your Valentine's bash.
A beary special balloon placed in a corner makes the party feel like a VIP event – and the kids can cuddle up to it for Instagram pics!
DIY Heart Chalkboard Idea DIY Heart Ribbon Bulletin Board Idea DIY Valentines Tinsel Paper Napkin Wreath Idea
Make a sweet DIY chalkboard sign Make a heartfelt board for love notes! A DIY wreath Cupid would love!
Do you ♥ the chalkboard trend?
Teachers will love this cute Valentine's Day message board!
Make a sparkly heart wreath to decorate your door!
DIY Valentines Day Paper Treat Packets How-To Classroom Pencil Valentines Idea DIY Valentines Day Doily Gift Wrap Ideas
Make adorbs treat packets for your sweethearts! V-day cards with a li'l gift that's better than candy! Love is in the air – and on your gift wrap!
If the way to their heart is through their tummies, then you've got it made!
Give a candy-less Valentine card that's still super sweet!
Present your sweetie with a gift that's as wonderful on the outside as it is on the inside!

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