NYE Glitterbomb Glasses DIY

NYE Glitterbomb Glasses DIY

Glitterbomb your cocktail glasses!

Glam up champagne flutes, wine glasses and tumblers with an ombre glitter effect! Any drink looks all dolled up when you add glitter and gumball swizzle sticks!


Level Easy
Glitterbomb Glasses How-To
  • Drinkware of choice
  • Spray adhesive or instant decoupage
  • Glitter
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Gumballs
Follow Instructions
1) Apply adhesive
Use a spray adhesive or brush instant decoupage onto the bottom of your drinkware, being sure to leave space for sipping.
2) Add glitter
Cover all glue-coated areas with glitter, shaking off the excess as you go. Make sure there aren’t any gaps. To create an ombre effect, overlap glitter colors.
3) Let dry and reapply
Once the glue has dried, apply a second coat to seal it and avoid glittery fingers!
4) Make swizzle sticks
Gently press a gumball about halfway down onto a bamboo skewer and cut to fit the size of your drinkware if needed. Cheers!

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