Colorful New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Colorful New Year's Eve Party Ideas
11 Colorful & Flashy Ideas

Face the music in masks and more!

Start 2016 on the bright foot!
Host a New Year's Eve affair that will keep them talking all year long! Wow partygoers with jewel-tone favors that double as d├ęcor — like stacks of noisemakers, novelty hats, glasses and tiaras. Everyone's mind will be on the time, so deck out the table with NYE cutouts of clocks and top hats and a silver-fringe table skirt. Get more bright ideas like grab-and-go confetti, bubbly decorations and a chocolate fountain.

Decorating & Treat Ideas

NYE Favor Idea NYE Centerpiece Idea NYE Chocolate Fountain Idea
Mini hats + confetti cups = fun "kiss me at midnight" favors Create a New Year centerpiece with a BANG! Champagne + a chocolate fountain = NYE decadence!
Arrange confetti, noisemakers and party poppers in mini cubes for a party-in-a-cup!
These noisemakers do double duty as an awesome centerpiece.
Set the table with yummy favorites to indulge in before the resolutions start.
Colorful NYE Wearables Table NYE Chocolate Dipped Fruit Idea NYE Rock Candy Drinks Idea
Start 2016 on the bright foot! Ring in 2016 on a sweet note Cheers to the New Year with sparkling style
Host a New Year's Eve affair that will keep them talking through 2016!
Let everyone dip their favorite snacks in a melted chocolate fountain.
Make the midnight toast as colorful as the confetti!
NYE Ice Buckets Idea NYE Drink Charms Idea NYE Party Horn Centerpiece Idea
Decorate bubbly ice buckets with wearable masks! Pop, fizz, clink – when the clock strikes midnight, toast in style! This DIY party horn display really pops!
No other drink is better suited to cheers-ing than champagne!
Party guests won't get their glasses confused when they're in bright colors and labeled with super-cute DIY stickers!
To create this toot-ally gorgeous display, use a feather mask, bamboo skewers, tinsel and some pink ribbon in a NYE party hat!
NYE Countdown Cupcakes Idea NYE Glitzy Centerpiece Idea
3…2…1…YUM! Do a snazzy display with beads & glasses for guests!
Waiting for the ball to drop sure can work up an appetite!
Here, we used a cake stand and a party hat to show off suh-weet party favors.

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