Cajun Crawfish Boil Ideas

Cajun Crawfish Boil Ideas
7 Crawfish Boil Ideas

Come get your hot crawfish and cold drinks!

A spicy Cajun cookout with crawfish-themed everything!
Crawfish season is usually March to May, so be ready to get your spice on! A traditional crawfish boil is a downhome messy meal piled high on a table of newspapers, but we like the idea of a red and white gingham table cover with party essentials to match. Put your claws up for even more more tasty crawfish cookout ideas – and dig in to the hottest new party theme!

Crawfish Boil Idea Spiced Corn and Potatoes Idea Crawfish Place Setting Idea
Put your claws up for even more tasty crawfish cookout ideas! Cook corn and potatoes in the crawfish pot! Grab a plate and dig in!
What's involved in a crawfish boil? Throwing clean, live crawfish into a pot of boiling, Cajun-spiced water.
With all the Cajun spices in the crawfish pot, anything else that's boiled in it turns into culinary gold.
Enjoy the mess that comes with a crawfish party!
Crawfish Bundled Cutlery Idea Seafood Bib DIY Crawfish Centerpiece Idea
This mud-bug bead you to the napkins! Make seafood bibs! Decorate fast with a crawfish centerpiece
You'll need napkins, lots of them, once the feasting begins!
Even the neatest eater is messier than a swamp lobster when chowing down at a boil, so be prepared with bibs!
There's nothing more laid back than a crawfish boil, so keep the decorations equally relaxed.
Crawfish Table Runner Idea
DIY a spicy table runner!
Dress the table Cajun style.

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