Witch's Crew Sweets How-To's

Witch's Crew Sweets How-To's
6 Bewitching ideas

Go batty for candy-dipped ice cream cone witch hats, bat pops and more!

Boo appetit!
No one can resist spell-ectable sweets and treats! Serve shriek-worthy desserts inspired by friendly Halloween characters including batty brownie pops and edible witch's hat. There's even a jack-o'-lantern cake how-to if you like to carve confections as much as pumpkins. Creating an adorable Halloween treats table is as easy as 1-2-eeeek!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Witch's Crew Candy-Covered Cone Hats How To Witch's Crew Jack-o'-Lantern Crispy Rice Bars How To Witch's Crew Jack-o'-Lantern Candy Cake How To
Wickedly delish witch's hats! Crispy treats + candy melts = sweet snacks! Add a jolly jack-o'-lantern to the treats table!
How-To How-To How-To
Whip up spooktacular no-bake witch's hats!
These frightfully adorable snack bars are eerie, easy and delicious!
Ghouls and boys will love carving into this cheery pumpkin cake!
Witch's Crew Spider Cupcakes How To Witch's Crew Halloween Striped Pretzels How To Witch's Crew Sweets & Treats Table Idea
Munch on creepy-crawly cupcakes! Trick for treats! Sweet and salty pretzels! Boo appetit!
How-To How-To
Even the scaredy cats will shriek with delight for these awesome arachnids!
Pretzel sticks drizzled in melted candy are a tasty treat and you can make them in any party colors.
Set out a bewitching dessert display with bright table decor for your bat-tacular treats. They'll be spellbound!

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